What’s Trending in Kitchens Right Now


black, white and oak kitchen/dining room

SOURCE: Utah Style & Design


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a designer that utilizes too many trends in my designs. I lean towards transitional because I love the timelessness of that style. I definitely don’t recommend you design your kitchen using a lot of today’s trends. 

Kitchens are one of the most expensive renovations we invest in so you want to get as many years of enjoyment as possible. Instead, look at what’s trending in kitchen design so that you’re using current elements but rely on timeless materials as much as possible.

Having said that, It’s always nice to include a couple of today’s trends in any design. I like to encourage my clients to use 80% timeless and classic and throw in 20% trendy and fun to stay current. In case you haven’t been paying attention, here’s what I’m seeing in kitchen design in 2023.





This is one of the biggest and most pronounced trends I’m seeing right now. I love the bold, graphic nature of it but if you’re going to do it know that it has a life of about 5-10 years before it’s dated. So if you love it and want it, do it now and don’t wait for another few years. 

We’ve moved away from the quiet, understated quartz and we’ve started to embrace bold and loud instead. Countertops, waterfall islands and backsplash are all being done in either marble or quartz with very pronounced veining. The most common colour is the white background with black, brown or grey veining but if you love colour there’s a marble out there with your name on it. And this might be your only chance to do this for a while so embrace it.



marble backsplash

SOURCE: Park and Oak

In keeping with what I mentioned above, we’re seeing less subway tile or other small tiled backsplashes and a lot more of the continuous slab backsplash. There’s one really great reason to love this trend. It’s easy to clean! I’m all for anything that reduces the amount of time I spend cleaning. There’s no grout so you don’t have to worry about discoloured, dirty, dingy grout that needs to be replaced. 

If you love the marble trend but you don’t want to fully commit, this could be a perfect way to embrace it. Just stay with a quiet quartz on your countertops and add that loud slab marble backsplash.




smart fridge



We’re seeing voice activated appliances as well as wifi connected appliances that can be activated using your phone or laptop. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a trend because it’s definitely here to stay. We are at the beginning of the technological revolution in our kitchens though. 

On one hand, if you’re the type of person who loves to be the first with technology you can be an early adopter. For those who like to see the technology improve before embracing it, just sit tight and wait for a year or two. This is just the beginning of what we’ll see is possible in our kitchens.




custom hood range white kitchen

SOURCE: Studio McGee

One thing we’re not seeing much of anymore is the vent/microwave over the range or stove. Most often, the microwave is being integrated into the island or the lower cabinetry. That leaves room to make a bigger statement with our range hoods. It’s a great way to embrace design and it’s more important in open concept homes where you can see the kitchen from several vantage points in your house. 

These hoods can be custom-made by your contractor or your kitchen cabinetry supplier. You’ll need to work with a designer to get the elevations created so that the contractor knows the exact dimensions and can work his magic. 

We’re also seeing a lot of new range hood options being sold at the retail level. This will also continue to improve in terms of selections over the next few years.



black & white kitchen with coffee station

If you’re a coffee lover like me you know how cherished that morning cup is. Most of us have a little corner of our kitchen where we brew our coffee in the morning. Now we’re seeing built-in coffee makers and banks of cabinetry dedicated to our favourite morning beverage. 

Even if you prefer a nespresso over the coffee brewed by the built-in coffee maker you can carve out a space in drawers to display all your pods, sweeteners and all the dishware and cutlery to make this a total experience. If you want to see more of this kitchen redesign you can read about it here.



kitchen with marble counters and backsplash

SOURCE: Chrissy Marie


Yup, you read that right. White is pushing out the stainless steel appliances that we’ve been seeing in every kitchen for the last 15 years. There’s a natural cycle for a trend and stainless steel did more than its time in the spotlight. I’m ready for something new and especially something that’s easier to keep clean.

The white trend has been seen in Smeg which is notoriously colourful. It’s also happening in all the big appliance brands and most importantly, we’re seeing it everywhere on social media. That’s always the true sign that a trend has been embraced.



oak kitchen with gray island and pendant lights

SOURCE: Stoffer Home


I don’t recall ever seeing a time when we mixed metals to the degree that we’re doing it now. You can mix up the metals for your hardware, sink, faucet and lighting. Gone are the days when all the metal finishes matched perfectly and we would invest in a suite of hardware from the same manufacturer in exactly the same finish.

Now you can use black, silver and gold all together although tread lightly when using 3 finishes. If you want to learn more about mixing metals, read this post.




kitchen cabinet with arch

SOURCE: HGTV via Pinterest

We started seeing this trend emerge in doorways and entryways but it’s moved into the kitchen now. We’re seeing arches at the top of cabinetry as well in stand alone pieces like an armoire used to store dishes. While I wouldn’t call this a trend as it’s been around for decades, it’s definitely having a moment in the spotlight. 

Arches are all about creating a more organic feel in your kitchen as opposed to the angular lines of the past. Everything doesn’t have to be so rigid and angular anymore. If you love this trend go for it and know that it’ll still look great even after the masses move away from it.



kitchen with green painted cabinetry

SOURCE: Digs Digs


There will always be those who want the neutral kitchen and if you’re still loving your white kitchen or installing a cream or beige kitchen, you’re still on trend. But if you love colour and you haven’t loved the white kitchen trend, this is your time. 

We’re seeing cabinetry painted in bold, jewel colours from red to yellow to green. No colour is off limits right now. You can paint all the cabinetry or you can do a combo of painted and stained. And in case you’re wondering, yes you can do a painted kitchen with white appliances!




kitchen with blue painted cabinetry



There are a few reasons to love this move from plain to reeded glass. It’s a lot easier to hide smudges and fingerprints but it also obscures what’s behind the glass. That means you don’t have to use your ruler to line up all your glassware anymore. This option is a bit more relaxed and can hide some of what’s behind the door.

I still love to see glass in a kitchen but unless the glass is up high and for display only I’d be careful. It really can limit how you use your cabinetry because you have to consider design as well as functionality. 

What’s your favourite trend in kitchens right now and are you embracing any of it? 


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