Welcome Home: Discover the Best Paint Colours to Set the Right Tone in Your Entryway


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If there’s one area of our home we should be paying extra attention to, it’s the entryway. Afterall, it’s the very first impression of your home. It’s how we greet family and friends and it should set the tone for what’s inside. Yet so often we don’t do anything to this space until long after we’ve settled into our home. We tend to focus on the rooms that get used the most like living rooms, dining rooms and our bedrooms. When you think about it, what area gets used the most? It’s the entryway. 

The easiest way to set the right tone in your entryway is to add a new paint colour. Whether you want a warm, inviting neutral or a bold pop of colour there’s a world of possibilities for this important part of your home. Even the smallest entryway will look more inviting when you add a coat of paint and some simple styling.



You want to consider all of the adjoining areas when selecting a paint colour. While it doesn’t have to be the same as the spaces surrounding it, try to coordinate it so that it’s a complement to what’s already existing. The last thing you want to do is create a domino effect where everything around the entryway needs to be painted.

If you’re not planning to repaint your front door you’ll also want to ensure that the colour you’re considering works well with the front door colour. Clashing paint isn’t the impression any of us want to give to visitors. 


1/ Benjamin Moore Dragonfly AF-510

SOURCE: Interiors By Lola


This rich colour is perfect for an entryway. It’s a beautiful way to bring the outdoors into your home and definitely creates a warm welcome. Although this homeowner opted to paint just part of the wall I think it would look equally amazing going all the way up to the ceiling. 

2/ Williamsburg Wythe Blue CW-590

SOURCE: Benjamin Moore


This is a great colour for anyone who has an historical home and wants to remain true to the architectural period. That’s not to say that you can’t use it for your newer home’s entryway. This beautiful blue makes a definite statement without feeling oppressive.  


3/ Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray HC-162

SOURCE: Kate Marker Interiors


If you’re lucky enough to have a large entryway like this one, consider painting the entire space in the same colour. This keeps the space from feeling too vacuous and overwhelming. This colour is the perfect mix of light and dark and won’t feel overwhelming even in a small entryway. 


4/ Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45

SOURCE: Studio McGee


This classic white is perfect for an entryway. It’s a creamy, warm white that always feels inviting as opposed to cold. If you have a bold tile that you don’t want to compete with this is a good choice. It also works well for an entryway that has a lot going on nearby. If there are a lot of doors into various rooms and you want the entry to remain neutral, this will be a guaranteed winner.


5/ Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

6/ Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent SW-7615


SOURCE: Mindfully Gray


I love a bold statement and this colour delivers a punch. If you love a deeply saturated colour this could be for you. And there’s no need to go just halfway up the wall (although I do love this look). If you’re brave enough, take it all the way to the ceiling for maximum moodiness.


7/ Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard SW-0023

SOURCE: Jean Stoffer Design


This is one of those colours that can’t quite be labelled with any single colour. It’s a warm gray but it has definite hints of green in it. It’s very inviting and will be easy to decorate around because it’s a chameleon that goes with just about every other colour. 


8/ Sherwin Williams Redend Point SW-9081

SOURCE: Hana’s Happy Home


This is the Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year for 2023 but it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a perfect choice if you don’t like the more traditional options for painted entryways. This is a soft clay colour that feels like a breath of fresh air and will create an unexpected welcome into your home.


9/ Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

SOURCE: Chairish

I wrote about this colour in the past but it’s still my opinion that this is a great colour choice for so many areas of your home, including your entryway. It was the Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year in 2022 but it’s still going strong. I think it makes a beautiful entryway because it’s deep but not overly saturated. That means it won’t feel oppressive even in a small entry. 


10/ Sherwin Williams Gale Force SW-7605

SOURCE: Pinterest


This is another winner that’s both deeply saturated and also easy to live with. I love that the homeowners painted the closet doors in the same colour. Notice how nicely the doors, which aren’t something you want to draw attention to, just blend into the background. That’s the power of paint and something I always recommend when you’re trying to de-emphasize something in your space. 

Whether you need a hand picking paint colours for your entryway or you’re considering a renovation, reach out and let’s chat. I’d love to discuss any decorating or design project you’re considering.


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