Top 8 Paint Colours For Creating Drama In Your Powder Room


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I prefer everything in my life to be drama-free except for design. I’m a colour lover and a pattern lover and my favourite client is one that’s unafraid and wants to make an impact with their design. I love to create drama in unexpected ways and the powder room is one of my favourite spaces. \

A lot of people are terrified to go bold in the powder room because they think it’ll make an already small space even smaller. Bold, saturated paint can actually have the opposite effect and make a teeny little space feel bigger than it really is. I’m sharing my favourite go-to paint colours for you daring types that want to add some drama to your powder room.






1/ Sherwin Williams Peppercorn SW7674

This is a beautiful dark gray that will create instant ambience in your powder room. This is well balanced and lands right between warm and cool. That means regardless of the overall feeling you’re trying to create, this chameleon will work well. 


2/ Sherwin Williams Iron Ore SW7069 

This one is a combination of dark gray (almost black) and charcoal. This colour is really sophisticated and works well if you’re looking to create contrast in your powder room. For example, if your cabinetry is white or cream, iron ore will work beautifully to create opposition without being stark. It does lean a bit towards the cool end of the spectrum so you’ll want your contrasting colour to be a bit warmer to even out the contrast.


3/ Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive SW6209

Want a bit more colour versus a dark neutral? This colour is perfect for creating drama, particularly in small spaces with little to no natural light. When this colour is used in a bright space it tends to look more mid-toned green. Add it to a space without light and you get this beautiful dark green that doesn’t feel oppressive. This colour pairs well with whites and neutrals that have a creamy undertone. You can go from a creamy white all the way along the spectrum to a dark neutral like Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze. So if your cabinetry and tiles are dark you can still have fun with this colour.


4/ Sherwin Williams Naval SW6244

This was the Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year in 2020 so you know it’s a trustworthy choice. Any colour that’s ever selected as the year’s star student is going to be a reliable and highly loved selection. This colour is a favourite of mine and I can say it looks good in every room. I’ve seen this used on exteriors, on kitchen cabinetry, in full rooms and as accent walls. It just looks good everywhere! You might not be surprised to hear that it’s similar to Gentleman’s Gray. That’s one of my favourite colours and I’ve talked about it here, here and here

One of the reasons Naval is so popular is because of how well it pairs with other colours. Regardless of what you already have in your powder room, Naval will likely fit in. From white to cream to greige, Naval plays well with others.



5/ Benjamin Moore Boreal Forest AF-480

This deep forest green is bold but it has more brightness to it than Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive. If you love this direction but feel Ripe Olive could end up looking too dark, consider Boreal Forest. If you want to create a sophisticated and dramatic powder room this colour will do it for you. It works well with other colours that have muddy or dirty undertones. If you have floor tiles for example that have a beige undertone that you don’t love this colour will help create cohesiveness. It’s a great way to make cabinetry or tiles you don’t love simply disappear.


6/ Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray 2126-30

This might not read as navy at first glance but it essentially is a much grayer version of navy. This is great if you love navy and want to use blue but you want to do something more unexpected. Since it’s likely that your powder room doesn’t have much natural light you’ll see this colour read as gray with blue undertones. If you were to use this in a bright, light filled space it could look quite the opposite to that. This colour works with almost every colour so if you have tricky colours already existing in your space this is a good consideration.


7/ Benjamin Moore Carter Plum CW-355

Swaying away from all the dark neutrals here I want to talk about adding plum to your powder room. This colour is popular with anyone who wants to lean on historical colour preferences and create a regal environment. On the opposite side it works well with rustic environments that have oak or brick coloured elements. Pair this with everything from white to cream to slate blue. It’s a lot more flexible than you might imagine. If you’re looking to create that feeling of a small jewel box, this is the perfect selection.


8/ Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron 2124-10

This colour is a bit more cool and it’s a perfect blend of dark gray with just the right amount of blue and brown undertones. You’re more likely to see the brown or black undertones in a small powder room but that can create a lovely warm ambience. It won’t feel cold even when it pulls all the black out of it. If you love to create a moody environment with candlelight and soft lighting, give this colour a try. 

I hope that helps you see that powder rooms can look best when you incorporate deep, dark colours. Don’t be afraid to go bold in your powder room. It’s all about impact and in order to make a big statement in a small space, make the impact significant.

If you’re struggling with what colour works best, a Paint Consultation might be right for you. You can learn more about it here.


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