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My love affair with blue paint is no secret. I tend to lean towards darker blues and navy but I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever met a blue paint that I didn’t love. I absolutely consider blue to be a timeless selection and that’s one of the reasons I love it for my clients. I don’t like to incorporate too many trends that will need to be replaced often. And while we tend to think of timeless in terms of furniture or artwork, I also like to be timeless when I’m selecting a paint colour.

Since we’ve been in a gray rut for the last decade you may be feeling a little colour deprived. And if you really went all in on the gray craze this might be the perfect colour for your walls to help modernize the gray furniture that may suddenly be feeling a bit dated. Gray and blue (of any shade) work really well together. In fact, blue works extremely well with any neutral colour. Think about navy and crisp white or mid-toned blue with a soft sand. These are great pairings that are classic and will never feel dated.

When it comes to the psychology of how paint affects our mood, blue is a calm and relaxing colour. Who wouldn’t want to create that feeling in their home?! 


There’s a Blue For Every Taste

Unlike most other colours, blue covers a spectrum of colour options. It offers something whether you prefer light, medium or deep tones. This may account for the reason that it’s such a popular colour choice. It’s easy to find a beautiful blue regardless of where your taste and style lies.


Light Blue


Think of this as a neutral colour. It resembles the sky and the ocean and can create an immediate feeling of calm relaxation. Light blue pairs beautifully with white marble countertops or tiles so it’s a natural pairing in a bathroom. It also creates the timeless spa feel that so many of us want to achieve at home.

Light blue paint can be used to add a hint of colour to a room that gets a lot of natural light flowing in. If you love the look of a white room but feel challenged with it looking washed out and dull, try light blue. It will give some life to the space and in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest, it’ll feel exactly like the beautiful neutral you were hoping for.


Medium Blue


This is for a true blue lover. The one who wants their walls to definitively say blue but not navy. This type of blue looks great in every part of a home, from living room to kitchen to bedrooms. Not sure what to pair with a medium blue? You’re in luck because it pairs well with everything. 

If you add a soft neutral like white, soft gray or beige you can create an instant classic. Want something a little more playful? Medium blue works extremely well with deeper, more playful colours. Think of yellow, green, pink, orange. There’s virtually no colour that doesn’t complement medium blue paint.


Dark Blue or Navy


When I think of timeless blue this is what I imagine. A classic navy that never becomes dated and works in any setting. Navy in the kitchen? Yes please. Navy in a bedroom? Again, yes. Powder room, living room, mudroom? There’s no space where I think navy doesn’t work. 

One of the reasons that navy is such a classic, timeless paint colour is because even at its darkest, it tends to read like a neutral. The same can’t be said for walls painted in the darkest yellow, orange or red. Those colours are anything but timeless and we associate those colours with kids.








Benjamin Moore Soft Chinchilla

This is a favourite because it comes as close as possible to that spa blue that we all love. I like to use this in a bathroom that has either white or gray marble because it’s the perfect complement. Afterall, we don’t need our colour choices conflicting with the marble we’ve selected.

Sherwin Williams Faraway Blue

This one is a light infused blue that will give your space a ton of brightness. You can see even in the image above how white this blue can feel. If you use this in a sun soaked room you may have periods during the height of brightness where the room feels like a white space but by late afternoon your soft blue will have made its return.

Benjamin Moore Windy Sky

This is another tried and true blue. If you love Chinchilla but need something a bit lighter, this is the one. It will work well in bathrooms with no windows like a powder room. It’s also a great colour for mudrooms and laundry rooms because of how soft and light it feels.




Sherwin Williams Distance

Now we get into the mid-toned blues and Distance is a winner. Although it’s deep and saturated it doesn’t feel oppressive or overly dramatic. Use this everywhere in your home, particularly in rooms where you want to create a feeling of warmth and elegance.

Sherwin Williams Aleutian

Aleutian is a great colour for painting the interior or exterior of your space. It’s a timeless classic colour but it does lean towards the cool side. If your room is naturally dark you may want to skip this one in favour of something warmer.

Benjamin Moore Franklin Lakes

Looking for a muted blue with a hint of gray? Franklin Lakes is the epitome of mid-toned blue. It falls right in the middle of not-too-dark and not-too-light and it’s undertone keeps it from feeling too childlike.




Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

This colour has a cult following and for a good reason. It’s dark and dramatic but won’t make you feel overwhelmed or like you’re drawing in colour. In spite of how dark and dramatic it is I think it still manages to feel warm and inviting. 

Sherwin Williams In the Navy 

If you love white or soft gray furniture and accessories why not go bold on your walls? In the Navy is often compared to Benjamin Moore’s Naval and they are actually very similar. The biggest difference is that this colour has a hidden warmth that will make your space feel a bit more inviting.

Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray

Yes, I saved the very best for last. I’m a huge fan of this colour and use it a lot for both my own home as well as my clients. This is a blackened teal blue so it’s got a lot of dynamic undertones working together but it’s never too dark. Use it on your interior, your doors or your exterior. It works everywhere!


Which blue paint colours are your favourites? If you need a hand with selecting paint colours for your home, reach out. I’d love to help you select the perfect colours for your space.


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