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living room with black windows

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If you’re a Pinterest lover you’ve no doubt seen hundreds of images of beautiful spaces with black windows. This trend (yes I said the T word) was popularized by the rise in the modern farmhouse design style. You can thank Joanna Gaines or Shea McGee since they’re the masters of modern farmhouse. The style is characterized by all-white spaces accentuated with black windows for a surprisingly warm overall aesthetic. If you’ve been considering black windows in your home I’m taking you through the pros and cons. There’s a lot to know when it comes to something as important as windows. Do your research before you jump in head first.





Since I’m a positive person I’ll start with the pros and the most obvious one is they look great! If you’re building or renovating a home that doesn’t have a lot of architectural features, black windows can create a massive impact. On the other hand, even if you do have a lot of intricate architectural elements they still look great. In that case they can tone down the overall look and create a calming perspective.

Part of the appeal of black windows is that the grilles are thin. Grilles are the wood or metal used to visually separate the glass of a window into panes. This has a sleeker look than a lot of typical, white windows.

It also helps if you have a great view to enhance it rather than obstruct it with bulkier grilles. If you’ve built your home around a view you might find that this is the perfect companion.


Hallway with white walls and black windows




Like I mentioned, these windows were popularized by the modern farmhouse design style. They can actually work well in any interior design style. Take my quiz to find out what your interior design style is.

It’s a no-brainer that black windows will work well in modern or contemporary spaces as well. That’s because of the simplicity of those spaces. They usually don’t have a lot of busy architectural features that will fight with a window. Do you love the evocative images of New York lofts with high ceilings and brick walls? These often have sleek black windows as well. 

It might be hard to imagine using black windows in your home if you’re renovating an older, traditional house. Trust me, it works but there are considerations. It will limit the colours you can use in your space but instead of looking casual as they do in a modern home, black windows in a traditional home will look elegant and refined. 


Kitchen with black windows

SOURCE: Bradley Heppner



Black windows look great on the interior of spaces but they are even more beautiful when you’re viewing a home from the outside. They add an extra something to your house and you’ll stand out in a sea of regular homes with white windows. 

If you’re renovating a home that doesn’t have a lot of curb appeal and there’s no significant way to change that, adding black windows will give you an instant transformation. 



Black looks great with no window coverings. In fact, they actually look better that way. You can’t say the same about white windows. They can look bare and unfinished when they’re left untreated.

If you live somewhere where privacy isn’t an issue and you really like to see outside, black windows may well be the right choice for you. 

Kitchen and living room with black windows

Want to learn more about the differences between modern and contemporary? Read this post.



If you haven’t budgeted for these windows during a renovation and decide to add them, be prepared to give up something significant in exchange for them. Having black windows in your home requires a big cash outlay. 

White windows are, and have been, the industry standard for windows so they’re much less expensive. 

Since it’s one of the first decisions you’ll make in a renovation you should be able to recover if you throw it in at the last minute. Always look closely at your budget and ask yourself where you want to splurge and where you are prepared to save. Not a lot of people want black windows if it means sacrificing a beautiful quartz countertop or the flooring of their choice.


Living Room with black windows and trees

SOURCE: Pinterest


If you’ve decided on black windows in your home you may be disappointed to know that your colour options for walls and cabinetry are going to be limited. These windows need light colours in the surrounding areas. 

If you try to use black or navy cabinetry you’ll end up with both the windows and the cabinets fighting for attention. 

You’re not limited to white only but to get the most out of your black windows you shouldn’t go any deeper in colour than sand or cream.


Hotel Henriette

SOURCE: Hotel Henriette


This is probably the biggest cause of hesitation that I encounter with clients who are considering these windows. They’re a trend and at some point they will go out of style. That’s going to leave you with a significant decision about whether to replace the windows again or have a house that looks dated.

How do I know this is true? We always look to historical references and if something has been popularized in the past it can stand the test of time. Although we do know that black windows have been used, it was mostly in warehouses and factories and that doesn’t qualify them as historically significant.

Kitchen with silver cabinets and black windows



Black windows look better uncovered, as I mentioned earlier. I’ll go a step further and say they don’t look so hot when they’re covered. If you require window coverings for light control or privacy you’re going to find it challenging to dress them. 

You’ll have to spend money on custom window coverings because anything off the shelf will be glaringly insufficient against black windows. 

Even if you have the finances to go the custom route, the windows still won’t ever look as amazing as they will if they were left uncovered. 


House with black windows and pool


I’d love to hear from you if you’re considering black windows. What are your thoughts and which way are you leaning?



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