This is my long-time client and friend, Andrea. She loves homes, owns several and is now an AirBnB entrepreneur. Recently, we completed an Exterior Renovation on her Charterhouse property. We always have the most laughs working together and I love working on her projects. I have helped her and her husband with at least six design projects.  If you haven’t seen the video testimonial they did for me, you must check it out here.

This particular house was converted to two AirBnb units.  We call this home Charterhouse, we have named all her AirBnb units. It gives them instant personality and helps brand these fabulous units. The inside of this beauty is fun, lively and inviting, we wanted the outside to match. Stay tuned, I’ll write a post covering the interior projects for this home, a little later.

Below is what we started with…. a semi-detached home that was in good shape but needed an exterior facelift.  Andrea wanted this little gem to scream “welcome”. She wanted her guests to see the house and feel like they couldn’t wait to go inside.



Exterior paint colour is a challenge for many.  Light plays a large role in choosing the right paint colour.  Which direction the house faces (North, South etc.), effects the amount of light the house gets.  It’s super important that you understand the undertones in the hard surfaces. For example, here we had to consider the roof colour and brick.  It was not in the budget to replace any of those things. We took our time and utilized my large paint board samples, which help immensely in making sure you have the correct undertones.  Neutrals have nine different undertones, its important to make sure all the colours work together.

We painted the wood siding a new colour, the old one had pink undertones and clashed with the yellow in the brick. We also changed up the brown trim and shutter paint.  The first one was too harsh, we needed a softer brown to bring that warm and inviting feel to the home.  You’ll notice we also added a portico to the front entrance.  It’s super helpful when guests come in the rain or snowy weather.  They are sheltered while they locate the door code etc. to get inside. It also adds an architectural feature to the front of the house.  I find it draws you in and makes it more inviting. It’s all about curb appeal and who doesn’t want that.

What a difference a few adjustments make. Colour is my jam and I love helping clients get their paint colours right- the first time.

 I would love to hear what you think of this before and after.  Please leave me a comment below.

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Pamela Lynn

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Pamela is the ONLY Interior Designer in New Tecumseth and surrounding area that is a Certified True Colour Expert. She understands how to select colours and finishes that work right the first time! Don’t make costly mistakes choosing colour -it’s complicated.


  1. Andrea

    Pam, it is such a pleasure to work with you. I knew you’d be the perfect person to call for this project. I didn’t have a lot of money but I knew a little bit of paint and a few upgrades would do the job. You picked the perfect colours for the house – so perfect, that our neighbours ended up using the same colours you selected as well. Our house looks so different thanks to you!

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thank-you Andrea. I love working with you and Jim, we have so much fun. Charterhouse has turned out wonderfully and you are such a phenomenal host.

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thank-you Carla. It’s a cute house and just needed the right colours to bring it to life. We have done the same to the inside, stay tuned. 🙂

  2. Leslie Carothers

    Hi Pamela!

    I love that you’ve got such a great client that trusts you with all of their Airbnb projects. It’s wonderful to read that. But, it doesn’t surprise me, because the amount of curb appeal you added to their home with just that paint change and charming portico is so lovely! Congratulations on a great job for an appreciative client.

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thanks so much Leslie for the kind words. it was a fun project and she and her husband are dream clients.

  3. Wendy

    What a difference paint can make right?

    • Pamela Lynn

      I agree, so many times clients are pleasantly surprised about the impact paint can have.

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thanks Christina, I think so too.

  4. Mary Ann Benoit

    Such a transformation! Yes, the old paint colors really did NOT work and you did a great job transforming it into a welcome space for B&B guests.

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thanks Mary Ann. The homeowner was so happy and the neighbours loved it so much, they requested the paint colours (from my client) and painted their’s the same.

  5. Sheri Bruneau

    Love seeing the before and after. What a huge difference the right color can make!

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thanks so much Sheri, it was a fun project.

  6. Shannon ggem

    So fun to see how the little changes make a big impact!

    • Pamela Lynn

      I agree, paint is transformative.

  7. Suzi Rugg

    This is a really nice transformation Pamela!

    • Pamela Lynn

      Thanks so much Suzi. Her guests and neighbours are loving it.


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