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Ok folks, you’ve decided you are finally taking the leap…… tidying up those baseboards and trim. You’re doing it, but now what? You want to make sure you use the best trim paint colour with right finish. No pressure or anything, you only have to look at this colour in every room of your house.  Don’t worry, I got you and I will make it simple!

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Take this picture above for example, the right trim and wall colour combination will make your room sing. This master bedroom looks great, the painted moulding works with the carpet, wall and ceiling colour. Imagine if the moulding was painted a builders beige colour, it would not have the same effect.

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This house here has grey undertones in the floor.  If the trim work was painted a yellow beige colour, it wouldn’t work.  It’s the perfect shade of white.  White is complicated, you’ll know that if you go the paint store and see the number of white paint chips.

If you are painting your room a dark colour or you have moulding on the wall, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.  I will likely do a blog post on that.  If you have wood trim and are re-staining it, that too is a different conversation.  However, if you have wood trim and you are looking to paint it.  Please speak to your local paint shop before you begin.  There will likely be a special primer that you need before you get going. My favourite primer that works for almost anything is Benjamin Moore Stix.

On with what I think are the two best interior trim paint colours. these are my go-to’s.  It’s not very often I would not suggest one of these two.  I do want you to know, there are occasions, that neither of these would work.  However, as a general brush stroke (tee-hee I had too), these should fit the bill.

If you have warm tones in your house, like browns and beiges. I would suggest Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130.

If you have cool tones in your home, like grays and blues.  I would suggest Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117.

For most homes, I suggest a satin finish for your paint.  If you are driving tricycles and roller blading down your hall, you might want to go with a semi-gloss.

If you still have paint questions, I’m your girl.  Reach out, I offer in person or virtual paint consultations and can help you get it right.

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