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As a designer whose style preferences lean towards feminine and girly I love the idea of designing a teen girl’s bedroom. I have 2 sons and even though they’ve always had great rooms, I haven’t been able to indulge my inner teen girl in the design of their spaces. 

If you have a daughter who’s embarking on that change between young girl and teenager you’re likely being asked about a room makeover. You might not have the budget to hire a designer to help transform your teen girl’s bedroom but this list of items will give you an advantage. These are my favourite items to use when designing a bedroom for a teen girl. 

PRO TIP: Use classic colour palettes and items when designing this space. You don’t want to go with your daughter’s current favourite colours or theme that will need to be replaced again in 6 months. Go for timeless instead.

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1/ UGH PILLOW – the phrase that captures the teenage ethos the best is UGH so let’s just throw this in for some fun. There’s a cool factor when you use typography and this is just enough of that to add some grown-up interest to the room. Use it on the bed or as an accent on a chair.


2/ WINK PILLOW – This one can have so many meanings but it’s a guarantee that your teen girl will love it. It’s the perfect blend of young girl and young adult. The black and white combo is chic and cool but also will blend into any environment. These are the fun pieces that keep kids rooms from being too serious and grown up.


3/ PENDANT LIGHT – this is what I mean when I suggest staying timeless in your design. This is a reproduction of the famous Bubble light designed by George Nelson and produced in the early 50’s. It’s still going strong because its minimalist lines are still embraced worldwide. Your teen girl may grow out of a lot of the decor items but this fixture will remain in the room regardless of how it changes over the years.


4/ QUEEN BED – I love this bed because it’s trendy and timeless at the same time. This style has seen a resurgence in popularity recently but it’s been ever present in the Hamptons beach style of design. While it may take a back seat to some other trend in the near future it’ll always look great and be a timeless piece of furniture.


5/ NIGHTSTAND – my best advice for designing for teens is to make sure there’s storage. Choose a nightstand with as much storage as possible. There are phones, chargers, laptops, homework, lip balm and a never ending stream of stuff that needs to be contained. This gorgeous nightstand has 2 drawers in the same woven look as the bed but we’re adding a tiny bit of gold bling. The drawer pulls are very subtle but along with the legs, we’re adding in a hint of glam to the space.


6/ ART – art makes the room but it doesn’t have to be expensive or be a piece that will be meaningful forever. As adults, we put a lot of emphasis on the importance of art but since this is a transitional space for your daughter just make it fun. Embrace this teen stage and do something age appropriate when it comes to art. This zodiac sign adds the perfect pop of colour to the space. If you don’t love this Urban Outfitters has an immense selection of artwork that’s all silly and light so you’ll find something to love.


7/ MIRROR – teens have a lot more time than most adults and getting ready can sometimes be an event in itself. If you have a teen who’s always taking too long in a shared bathroom, get them a full-length mirror. This will give them the privacy they need to get ready and allow the rest of the kids to get a shot at the bathroom. Mirrors are also great for creating the illusion of more space and a tall mirror does it best. If your daughter’s bedroom is small be sure to hang the mirror in a space where it can enhance the size. To do this, avoid placing it behind a door or beside a large piece of furniture like the bed. Instead, hang it on a wall where the reflection is just space. That will magnify the perception of more space. 


8/ DESK – yes Ikea has great desks for a fraction of the price but honestly, they don’t stand the test of time. Often they’ll have scratches and chips in the veneer within a year. Instead, buy something that’s well constructed and will grow with your daughter. A solid wood desk like this one is a better investment and will grow with your daughter.


9/ DESK CHAIR – we all know how important a comfortable chair is but we need great style at the same time, right?! I love the proportions of this chair. It’s not so tall that it’ll look out of place in a small bedroom and it won’t take over the design of the space. There are tons of fabrics to choose from but my favourite part of this chair has to be the finish on the base. Often we have very bold, glossy finishes on the cheaper chairs. This antique brass on the base of this chair is the chef’s kiss of gold finishes.


10/ RUG – rule number 1 when adding a rug to a bedroom is make sure you don’t go too small. The rug should extend on either side of the bed by 12”-18”. You want the rug to extend at the bottom of the bed by at least 24” and should fit under at least ⅔ of the bed. Don’t go for anything too trendy because this is one of the bigger expenses in a bedroom. Instead, go for a classic design in neutral or dark neutral colours. This rug will look great in a variety of spaces so even if your daughter tires of it, you’ll find a use for it.


I hope this gives you some inspiration to get started designing your own teen girl’s bedroom. If you need some design advice, contact me. I’m never too busy to discuss designing a bedroom in a fun and feminine way and let my inner girl run the show!


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