Why Every Room Needs a Statement Piece That You’ll Fall in Love With


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What really makes the difference between a room that’s good and one that’s great? You know the type of room that you can’t stop thinking about the day after you were there? Sometimes we can’t put our finger on it but it just feels special. Other times it’s the bold wallpaper or the vintage chest that is just so unique and finishes off the space perfectly. There’s something about a great room that leaves us wanting more. It starts with a good, solid design and then it incorporates that statement piece that elevates it to another level.

My job requires me to spend a lot of time on Pinterest (I know, so hard) and I see a lot of spaces that are just okay or good. They don’t have that thing that makes me want to click and they’re almost always lacking a statement piece.



So what differentiates a regular item from a statement item? It’s anything that commands attention. It can be done through the size and scale, the colour, the shape, the material. In design we talk about tension that’s created when you introduce an opposing element into a space. This tension is what creates the visual interest and keeps you in the room taking it all in. The reason we do this is because it creates a hierarchy of visual elements. It tells our eye where to go. It’s also important not to overdo that tension and bring in too many statement pieces. The result is chaotic and it can feel overwhelming to be in a space like that.



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This fireplace and hearth all on its own would be nice but it wouldn’t be bold or exciting. By adding in these linear stone tiles above it this homeowner has created something really visually strong. I love that the stone is dark enough to match the fireplace so it creates a strong vertical column. If they had been too afraid of the bold colour and opted for something mid-toned, this could end up looking chopped up and like two separate elements. Instead, it created a focal point that we see as one element.


2/ Through Colour

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There’s no question that this appears to be a well designed space. The tub is lovely and the natural light flowing in is perfect. Yet why does our eye keep going to the tiled wall? I would say the colour of the tile has created the perfect statement. If the wall tiles had been chosen to match the neutral beige of the floor tile we’d be scanning around looking for something else that our eye could stop and enjoy. 


3/ Through Architecture

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These wall nooks are the perfect statement piece and show how appealing repetition can be. The dark wood against the neutral wall creates a statement but then by adding the clean lines and the continuation of a single shape it becomes an outstanding architectural statement. I also give major credit to whoever filled these shelves because they’ve kept them simple and our eyes aren’t forced to decide where to stop. Instead we can take in the entirety of the wall and as a whole it becomes the statement piece.


4/ Through Size and Scale

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This is most commonly seen in artwork. We can add a piece of art into our space in a conventional size of 3’ x 4’ and it will look great but it may not be eye-catching enough to be considered a statement piece. Now change the size of that artwork to 4’ x 6’ or larger and suddenly this has created a statement. The scale is so wonderfully disproportionate to the rest of the pieces in the room that you can’t help but be drawn to it. Assuming that it works well with the rest of the design you have just created a remarkable space. This piece above illustrates the point so well because the art itself is quite understated yet it adds so much drama to this little corner.



So maybe you’re at home yelling at me “Pam I can’t redo my space. Give me something easy!” Ok I hear you and I’ve got some beautiful examples of how to do this through colour, shape or texture. Next time you’re buying new furniture, consider how to make a statement that will leave everyone wanting to come back for more. Unless you don’t want them back and then I apologize in advance.



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There is nothing about these chairs that would draw your attention if it weren’t for the colour. And in particular, the way the colour of the chair creates tension in a room full of soft greige. The chair is ordinary (in a good way) in its shape and size and if it had been upholstered in another neutral the room could possibly have fallen flat. Instead, what happens is that the deep navy draws our attention and creates a statement.



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A mirror is always a great way to add light and bounce reflection through a room. It can expand the visual appearance of your space and as you can see above, it can add some sophistication to a room. We don’t often think of a mirror when we’re looking for a statement in our room though. This oversized mirror is most definitely a statement piece. The size is significant but it’s the shape and the small accents that keep your attention. And pro tip – when you’re placing a mirror stop to see what it’s reflecting back to you. You want to place it somewhere where it reflects back a particularly nice corner of your room. If you were to look in this mirror and see your toilet or the unfinished stairs to your basement it would be less of a statement and more of a mistake.





If you spend time on Pinterest you’ve likely seen this image about 1000 times already. There’s a good reason for that, it’s simple in design with a strong statement piece. That’s what we love and we can’t get enough of it. This beautiful piece was crafted from a reclaimed English beam. And did you know that this is the beautiful home of the equally beautiful Kerry Washington. You heard it here folks.

There are a few good reasons that this statement piece works so well. It’s oversized and fills the space perfectly. It creates tension between the very simple gallery above and its texture just screams to be touched. This is a perfect illustration of a statement piece.


So what do you think? Are you ready to tackle this on your own and head out to find your statement piece? If not, reach out to me and I’ll help you.


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