Kitchen & Laundry Room

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Luxury Kitchen & Laundry Room

This luxury kitchen pairs black and white contrasts to achieve a look of elegance and sophistication. Designed to meet the client’s specific needs, it includes a dedicated space for china storage and a coffee bar, both enhanced by custom-built features with accent lighting. The quartz backsplash, a key element of the kitchen’s design, extends up to the ceiling, coordinating seamlessly with the rest of the space. This decision not only amplifies the kitchen’s luxury but also frames the picture window perfectly, ensuring it remains a focal point without the distraction of upper cabinets. Cabinet hardware is meticulously chosen, featuring backplates that contribute to the kitchen’s luxurious feel. Additionally, the large kitchen island provides ample storage, further elevating the functionality and elegance of the space. The laundry room, maintaining the kitchen’s high standards, is designed with the same attention to detail and luxury, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated look throughout.

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Conversational Seating Area

Conversational Seating Area

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Family Room with Open Staircase

Family Room with Open Staircase

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Comfy Cozy Den

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