5 Tips to Transform Your Powder Room and Make a Killer Statement


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It seems like whether it’s TV or online, all the discussions related to interior design are about renovating or building. There’s a much simpler way to change your home and that’s by tackling just a single room. You can feel such a shift in how you view your home when you give some TLC to a single room. My favourite place to transform for those that are short on time or money is the powder room. The impact is huge and it will remind you every time you walk in that interior design doesn’t have to be massive to have an impact.






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Your powder room is one of the rooms in your house where you can be really bold. You can transform an ordinary small bathroom into a jewel box by incorporating colour, pattern or both. You don’t spend a lot of time here so you can do something outside the box. Make it interesting and be adventurous.

A lot of us are too afraid of taking risks when it comes to design. And nobody wants to make the mistake of buying coloured toilets or tubs as an “adventure”.  It’s hard to make a really bold statement in a principle bathroom particularly when it involves colour and pattern. Our fixtures and plumbing fittings are expensive and making the wrong choice is scary. 

The powder room is a good place to test the waters. There’s very little that’s affixed to the space so it’s just a blank canvas for decorating.

If you love bold colour you can use paint to transform the space immediately. And don’t forget about the ceiling. You want to carry this colour all the way up and across because this will be the most dramatic and that’s how  you create a killer statement.

Wallpaper is another popular way to achieve a dramatic look in a powder room. It’s very hot at the moment so you’ll have no problem finding a paper that you love. Whatever style, colour or pattern you love can be used here because there are no rules.



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A bold tile is a statement and what it says is “I’m here to have fun”. Forget about all the rules related to scale and just think big. Since the space is so small you can purchase a tile that may have been too pricey for a regular sized room. Even when you feel like you’ve captured the spirit of the space with the walls, don’t stop there. Get the floor involved and it’ll be a true gem.

Because there’s so little area to cover even if you’re on a budget this can be an achievable expense. And if you or someone  you know are into DIY, even better.


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Using beautiful wall sconces or an eye-catching ceiling fixture is another way to add instant drama to a small space. There has to be something bold about the lighting so either go for oversized or look for a fixture that stands out through its shape. This is not the space for shrinking violets so have fun.

And be sure you incorporate a dimmer switch. That will allow you to create the mood that’s appropriate for the occasion. You can blast it up high when your grandparents are coming to visit but keep it low and moody for those evenings when you’re hosting a cocktail party.

If new lighting isn’t in the budget you can still have a lot of fun with lighting. Candles are always a great mood setter and there’s really nothing as inexpensive so change it up often.

If you have some extra counter space why not add an interesting lamp? It may seem odd but it actually gives off a beautiful light and creates a really nice effect in this small space. And what a great conversation starter to have a lamp in your powder room.



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If bold walls aren’t doing it for you, consider making a statement with your vanity. Since powder rooms usually don’t require much (or any storage) you can have some fun with the aesthetics. 

Love the feel of a Parisian apartment? Use a chrome and marble vanity. If you love antiques, consider converting a small dresser into a vanity. Or like this creative homeowner you can paint a standard vanity and bring it life with some amazing pulls.

Even if you’re not able to make any changes to your vanity, just adding some great hardware can instantly change the overall look of the piece. Figure out what kind of statement you’re trying to create and there will be hardware to work with you. In the image above the gold and lucite help to keep the painted vanity looking sophisticated. They enhance the colour and the overall mood of the space.



There is never too much drama when it comes to the powder room. If you have some amazing artwork that you’d like to show off, use it in this space. It can be tricky using artwork in a bathroom with a shower or tub but in the powder room there’s no danger of steam ruining an expensive piece. I wrote an entire post about how to select artwork so if you’re feeling stuck, this is for you.

And don’t forget about texture and sparkle. These are the final touches and you may overlook these if you’ve gone out on a limb and created a dramatic space. A simple mirrored tray on the counter can add extra sparkle and shine without it being too much. These pieces act as the final touch to your powder room transformation so be sure to add at least one or two special pieces.

The most important thing to remember when you’re updating your powder room is to have fun! This is a space where we can let our creativity rule and we can be like kids again. Even if the rest of your home is neutral and safe, go have some fun when you decorate the powder room.

If you’re really stuck but love the idea of creating a wow factor in this small space, contact me. I’d love to discuss your space with you.


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