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It’s not uncommon that when someone finds out I’m an interior designer I’m immediately asked to share recommendations for furniture. What brands do I like? Which retailers do I trust? People want to pick my brain in a way that I imagine is common for other professionals whose job it is to help people make decisions. From grocery store lineups to cocktail parties, people love to talk about design. Most often my answer to the question of which brands I love is not that easy. It depends on the space, the budget and the lifestyle preferences. Every once in a while though a brand creates so much affection from me that I can wholeheartedly recommend it without knowing anything about the home in question. This is the case for my favourite upholstery brand, Brentwood Classics.

This is a manufacturer that’s been serving designers and homeowners for over 40 years. That alone is a testimonial to the outstanding nature of their work. And it started out and remains a family business. This is important to me because of the service. I know the service I’ll get is always more personalized when I deal with a family run business.




1/ They’re a Canadian Brand


The furniture industry is primarily dominated by American manufacturers. That can mean longer timelines and steeper prices after our dollar is converted. Sometimes we don’t have a choice but when I can, I look for local Canadian-made companies to support. So it always feels like a big win when I find a Canadian brand that outperforms the competition. That makes it an easy yes in my books.

Brentwood Classics is located in Vaughan, Ontario but you can find their products in retailers across North America. If you are local to the Vaughan area you can make an appointment and get lost in their 10,000 square foot showroom. Bring your designer if you’re going to the showroom as it’s for the trade. And of course you can always contact me to help you get there.

This is the best way to view their products because you’ll get the biggest collection under one roof and be able to view their fabrics and speak to the staff at the same time.

2/ Their Quality is Outstanding


There are a lot of beautiful products in the world of design. It can be hard to know how they’re different or which is a better product. So when a manufacturer wins the hearts of the design industry you know it’s good. That’s because as designers we source a LOT of furniture. We learn to see the difference between products that just look good and those that have great quality. This is the case for Brentwood Classics furniture. 

All of Brentwoods’ collections are built using sustainable, local hardwood frames. They use double doweled stress points, hardwood corner blocks and they’re screwed and glued at points of stress. The result of this is that you have a solid frame that won’t crack, break or warp like some of the frames made from MDF (medium density fibreboard). 

All of their collections use either an 8 or 9 gauge sinuous spring system. This system means you’ll have outstanding comfort with even weight distribution. Over time your sofa will maintain the shape better and that creates a longer lasting product. The last step in the frame construction is adding a padding. This padding creates a barrier between the fabric and the frame. There will be less abrasion leading to small tears in fabric over time.

Their seat cushions are soy foam cushions wrapped in down. Soy products are so great because they reduce the negative impact on the environment while maintaining the same consistency and durability as regular petroleum based products. 

Some of the collections offer the option to add a feather wrap to seat and back cushions. This gives you an added layer of comfort but the soy cushion maintains the shape of the cushion.

3/ Huge Fabric & Finish Selection



Having a large selection of fabrics is imperative to me. I don’t want to be limited to just a few fabrics that force me to repeat my selections with each of my new projects. I want to know that I can fully customize the fabric on your sofa so that you’ll get the best product for your space. Brentwood Classics offers over 1000 fabric options so whether you love bold colour, neutrals, solids or patterns we’ll find the perfect fabric for you.

If you’re looking for leather, Brentwood Classics has you covered here as well. They have almost 50 leather options that are all superior to what you’ll find with other manufacturers.


4/ Design to Suit Every Style


Some manufacturers specialize in just a single furniture style. While this works for identifying the products you need for that particular niche, I want to know that I can recommend an outstanding product regardless of what design style my clients have. Brentwood Classics covers all the bases and has something for every taste.

I’d say the majority of their products are best suited for traditional and transitional styles but they also offer a selection of modern and mid-century as well. And that’s important to me because sometimes in a home we’ll have a more traditional style in the main entertaining areas but the family areas like the tv room or basement might have a more modern and relaxed look. Brentwood makes it easy for me to get multiple pieces that don’t all look the same. 


5/ Products That Stand the Test of Time

Although I love all the clients and the time I spend with them on their project I tend not to hear from them again until they’re ready for their next project. When I do get a call from a client out of the blue it can be about warranty questions for products that are experiencing issues. This is something that never happens with Brentwood Classics. I know that when I source from them that my client will live with their sofa, sectional or chairs for years to come with no issues. I’ve seen the quality in action and that means these products stand the test of time. 


If you’re in the market for an upholstered product, I hope you’ll consider Brentwood Classics. And if you need help sourcing or designing for a space in your home, reach out to me. We can arrange a call to discuss how I can help you.


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