Stop guessing about paint colour and don’t wait until your visit to the paint store to decide what will work. The best place to choose paint colours is in your own home—surrounded by your furnishings and flooring.

I will come to your home and show you the nine different neutral undertones and why they don’t all match with everything—and why whites are one of the hardest colours to choose. As a Certified True Colour Expert, I can help you make the right choice the first time.


When you inquire about an in-home Paint Consultation, we’ll discuss the space that you are looking for expert paint advice on then arrange an appointment time.

I’ll arrive with large colour paint boards and paint chip decks. We’ll then tour your space to gain an understanding of the look and feel you are hoping to achieve in your home.

During the visit, I will answer any questions you may have about the best colour, where to start and stop the paint and what kind of paint is best. 


Renos are coming to an end and we have painted all the walls. The colors you recommended look fantastic. Thank you for your help selecting them

Greg V.

How we begin...

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