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As a full-time designer I’m surrounded by all the new and beautiful products being released on an ongoing basis. These products range from practical items like appliances to nice-to-have items like blankets or baskets. I forget sometimes that not everyone is so connected to the world of design. I thought I’d round up what I currently consider to be the best of the best. These are the 10 design items that are on my radar right now. If you like this sort of post you’re in for a treat!







1/ FAUCET – Brizo Tulham Gold Kitchen Faucet

I’m loving the Tulham collection of faucets because of their shape and finish options. It’s got an extra curviness to it which makes it look elevated and elegant. I also just love this luxe gold finish because it’s like finding the needle in the haystack when it comes to gold. Some gold finishes are too glossy and shiny and end up leaving fingerprints due to the gloss. This is a subtle matte finish that is the best I’ve seen.


2/ PAINT COLOUR – Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray

If you’re a long time reader you may be surprised that I didn’t select Gentleman’s Gray. I do still love that but sometimes you’ve gotta shake it up. This doesn’t stray too far from the blue family but it’s got a nice gray undertone. This is a perfect interior or exterior colour. If you want to add some colour to your home but you don’t want anything too deep or saturated, this is a good option to explore.


3/ LINEN SHEETS – Pom Pom at Home Linen Sheet Set

Absolutely nobody does linen bedding better than Pom Pom at Home. While some linen requires several washings before it’s even comfortable enough to sleep on, this company excels at linen. You can get napping as soon as the bedding arrives. It continues to become softer and more comfortable with each wash. And you can feel good about supporting this small business because they only use fair trade factories.


4/ BLANKET – West Elm Double Cloth Blanket

This reversible cotton blanket is a light steel gray on one side and a light tan on the reverse. You can use it at the foot of your bed as an accent or you can use it as your blanket for sleeping during the warmer months. The colour is a bit lighter in person and it’s the perfect neutral for any bedroom.


5/ LIGHT FIXTURE – Light House Latrell Pendant

Sometimes as a designer I get so bored of seeing the same looks done by every manufacturer. This pendant is a breath of fresh air because it’s so unique. It’s constructed from frayed thread so it has texture and movement that you don’t see often in pendants. It also has a beautiful matte gold rod that’s adjustable.



6/ WALLPAPER – Phillip Jeffries Blushing Blooms

I love the modern twist on this watercolour floral paper. Sometimes florals can feel too stuffy but not this one. I would use this in any room in a house and could be used in designs that are modern, traditional and everything in between because it’s so versatile. I love the black background but if you prefer something lighter, there are 5 additional colourways.


7/ DINING CHAIR – CB2 Azalea Chair

CB2 is a great place to buy chairs if you like something a little more glam. They always do such a great job with fabrics and colours and this is no exception. The velvet makes it relatively easy to care for but what I love the most is the colour. If this shade isn’t for you there are 3 other beautiful options to pick from. I also love the matte black frame which will blend into any dining room and not compete with the wood finishes you have. 


8/ DECOR ITEM – Alice Lane Crystal Obelisk

These obelisk’s come in 5 sizes ranging from mini to extra large so there’s a perfect size for you. This shape is classic but you don’t need a traditional space to make it work. The crystal keeps it from overwhelming a space and even the extra large size can be subtle. I love this piece because so often we need to decorate a space with vertical decor but the options are limited and so many of us just grab for another vase. This will give you the height but also add a designer touch to your space.


9/ CABINET PULLS –  Modern Matter Hardware

Although I’m showcasing the bamboo collection, there are so many great pulls available from Modern Matter. If you’re looking for something simple you’ll find dozens of options and finishes. You can also go a little more daring and find something that will add a bit of bling to your drawers and cabinets. 


10/ OUTDOOR FURNITURE – Crate & Barrel Fen Lounge Collection

It’s almost that time of year where we get to spend our spare time lounging around in the outdoors. Even if the weather hasn’t turned warm enough to be outside where you live it’s important to start looking if you need new outdoor furniture. As soon as the warm weather hits you may find you’re disappointed because the early birds have snapped up all the great furniture. This collection is for anyone who wants to carry their design style from indoors to outdoors. The outdoor corded frame mixed with teak is giving all the good vibes for summer entertaining. The cord is outdoor rated so you don’t have to worry about it getting rained on during the early summer evenings. 


So that’s my very first On My Radar and I really enjoyed selecting all these items for you. Let me know which of these items you liked and if you’d like to see more of this type of post.


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