How to Decorate and Style your Outdoor Spaces for Winter


“Wait Pam, I just put all my outdoor things away for winter”. I know, I hear you but not so fast. We’re definitely going to be hibernating as the weather becomes colder but we’ll still be leaving our indoor oasis from time to time. And as the holidays are fast approaching, we want to make a beautiful and comfortable space for our guests. Even if you live in a cold and snowy climate like I do you can still have some fun styling your outdoor spaces for winter.

What’s the best way to get through winter? It’s by enjoying it and that means spending time outside. Yes, even for those of us that live in cold areas. Why not be more kid-like and actually have some fun outside. For me, fun is about creating outdoor spaces for winter that my friends and family can enjoy. Here are my suggestions for making the most of your outdoor spaces for winter:




outdoor decorating for winter


What do you see in this image above? Texture, texture and more texture. This outdoor seating area is the perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy some coffee (Bailey’s optional).

If you were to walk out to someone’s patio and they still had it decorated for summer you’d feel cold and be ready to high tail it back indoors. This space is inviting and makes you feel ready to have some outdoor fun. It doesn’t say summer at all and that’s because the textures I’ve included here are all related to the winter season.

There’s faux fur, heavy knits, branches, pinecones and heavy pottery. All these textures make it feel cozy. If you’re worried about the pillows and throws getting destroyed in the winter, you can always bring them indoors when you’re not using them but there’s no reason to not pull them out when you feel like being outside. You can even add a covered basket outside that will keep them safe from the weather when they’re not in use.


outdoor living space decorated for winter


This gorgeous outdoor space has an overhang that makes it aesthetically feel like a part of the indoor space. Maybe your backyard doesn’t have this but you likely have some space that is partly covered.

Even if you’re a condo dweller you likely have a covered balcony and all these rules apply equally to you. This gives a more intimate and cozy feeling to your outdoor experience. You can even enjoy being outside while the snow falls when you’re under cover. If the only place you have that’s covered is your front porch then bonus because that’s the space that everyone will see when they come to visit. What a beautiful way to welcome people.

If you’re a parent to young kids you know how much they love to be in the snow. There’s ample opportunity for you to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend on your front porch oasis while the kids make snow angels and snowmen. It’s a win win.



If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fireplace this is the first and most important area when it comes to decorating. It’s the focal point of your outdoor space and you have so much opportunity to style and decorate for the seasons. Most of us don’t have that but that doesn’t mean we can’t load up on the holiday decorating. Add wreaths or garland to patio railings, shed doors, garage doors and even the brick wall on the exterior of your home. Treat it the exact same way you would if you were decorating indoors. Once the outdoor space is warmed up I guarantee you’ll feel a bit more enticed to be outside.


how to decorate your outdoor space for winter
decor ideas for outdoor decorating



If you’re afraid of putting your indoor décor outside then just grab your warm coat and head out to the country for a walk. There’s an abundance of decorating items all around you when you’re in nature. Branches, berries and greenery that we are surrounded by are the ingredients you need for warming up your outdoor space. It’s really just about taking the time to arrange them in a way that suits your space. As you can see in the images above, I’ve included a basket of chopped wood. That makes an interesting, textural display. Whether it’s being used or not isn’t really important. It looks great and it says come on over and spend some time here.

Don’t be afraid of decorating the outdoor spaces of your home. It’s really just using the same principles we use indoors.  Once the holidays are over you might be tempted to get rid of all the decorating you’ve done and leave it as a blank slate again. I think we need beautiful outdoor spaces more than ever in January and February. Once the holidays are behind us we have nothing but months of cold so make it as beautiful as you can. Even if you never spend a second outside you’ll get a lot of joy from seeing it through your kitchen window. And if it’s the front of your house your neighbours will thank you. Having a beautiful outdoor space can make you appreciate the beauty of winter so it’s worth investing some time.


Happy Holidays,

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So what do you think of outdoor decorating? Are you going to give it a try? If you already do it, let me know if there’s something you love to do that I can add to my list.



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