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Love it or hate it, here we are again. This time of year evokes some pretty strong reactions in people. We tend to either love the whimsy and all the get-togethers or we consider it a mountain of extra work being added to our plates between shopping and entertaining. If you fall into the latter, I hope this gift guide can alleviate some of your overwhelm. 

It’s probably no surprise to you that I’m a huge fan of the holidays. What I love the most is time with family and friends. I love to entertain and this is just a month full of get-togethers and making memories. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I always love a good excuse to switch up the decor in my home. 

Last year I posted my first Holiday Gift Guide so I guess you could say it’s become an annual tradition now. I’ve rounded up all the things I’ve had my eye on throughout 2022. Some of these are things which I’ve already indulged in and some will be left around for my family to see as hints for what to buy me this year.




Regardless of what food you’re serving it’s guaranteed to look 100% more appetizing when served on these beautiful gold and marble servers. And they’re pretty enough that you could actually let this sit on top of a buffet year round. So if storage is an issue for you or the person on your list, there’s nothing to worry about with these.



A gift guide is about imagining the perfect gift. Is there a more quintessential way to celebrate the holidays than by sharing some bubbly with friends and family? If you love to entertain, do it in ultimate style with this stunning champagne bucket. Even if you don’t love the bubbly, this could be used for keeping sparkling water or white wine cold. I would even use this to hold pretty bottles of juice for a weekend brunch.



If champagne isn’t your thing and you prefer a sweet something then beautiful dessert plates are a must have. These are fine bone china designed by British fashion designer Matthew Williamson. It’s hard to say whether your guests will love the dessert or the plates more. You’ll be able to use these year round since there’s nothing about them that suggests they’re seasonal.



The cocktails will be flowing throughout the holiday season so why not make the booze look great. Beautiful decanters like this allow you to leave your alcohol out without all the labels. You can wait for Santa but if you love to entertain during the holidays you might want to snap this beauty up before the holiday parties begin. 



One of the best ways to dress up your coffee table, console table or a bookcase is to add a really elegant coffee table book. Design lovers have likely seen more than their share of the spines of Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton books so it’s time for a change. If you’re a fashion lover then this checks both the fashion and design boxes. Oh and yes, you’ll also love the inside of the book as well with over 300 pages of eye candy.



Need a gift for the coffee lover in your life? This Nespresso maker comes with a milk frother so whether it’s for yourself or a friend, you can assume that there are a lot of lattes in your future. And drinking large amounts of coffee is definitely on my agenda for January when all the festivities are wrapped up.



I feel like we’re really covering all the bases when it comes to food and beverage. So far we’ve checked the boxes for those on your list who love cocktails, champagne, desserts and coffee. It wouldn’t be right to overlook cheese. If you have a cheese lover on your list this cute little marble board will be a perfect gift. And just like with the servers, if you don’t have a lot of storage just let it sit on top of your buffet all year. There’s never a time when brass and marble aren’t a welcome addition to any decor.



Entertaining can be messy business. It’s disheartening to find rings on your tables at the end of an evening so let’s include a set of stylish coasters to keep the glass off your table. This is also a great gift since it allows the option of adding a monogram to each of the coasters. Combining a functional and personal gift all into one gets a big check mark in my books. 


What’s a gift guide without comfort? Once the holidays are over there’s a few long, cold months where cuddling up with a beautiful blanket is the order of the day. There’s going to be a lot of netflix and popcorn coming my way in the new year. I love to have throws for everyone around but it’s absolutely mandatory that they look great as well as keeping us warm. This one will keep you warm in the most designer approved way possible.



This is a design lover’s dream. It is both functional as well as being a looker. It’s light and airy so it won’t look visually overwhelming even when it’s loaded up with your bottles and glassware. It’s also quite compact for anyone who lives in a small space. This guy will tuck into a corner and take up very little square footage. And just imagine how much cabinet space you’ll free up in your kitchen or dining room with a dedicated space for your liquor bottles.


I hope you love all these items as much as I do. If you need even more inspiration go back and take a look at last year’s gift guide. Some of the items may not be in stock but it’ll give you some inspiration for shopping adventures.


Happy holidays everyone!

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