From Toddler to Teen; Versatile Paint Colours for Growing Girls


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There’s something so exciting about decorating a room for a child. Their bedrooms are their sanctuary but it’s also part of their identity. It’s often the only place in the home that is truly a reflection of them. They can express themselves as well as their emerging style in this little space they call home. As a parent I know it’s important to choose paint correctly when it comes to paint colours. We don’t want to be repainting every year as our kids grow from a toddler into a teen. And we certainly don’t want to be redecorating with every phase our young girls go through.

Ideally, if we do it right we can count on the paint, window coverings and even some of the furniture to last for a long time. It’s the decorative elements like bedding, artwork, rug and decor that can change often with the changes in our kids. That means it’s really important to get the paint colours right the first time. 





1/ Be Part of the Decision



We definitely want our young girls to be a part of creating the palette for their bedroom. Afterall, this is their sanctuary and it should reflect them and not you as the parent. Having said that, if you ask a toddler to pick a paint colour you know they’ll go straight for the bold, bright colours like red, purple or hot pink. Young kids don’t know enough about colour or design to make this decision on their own.

We can definitely take cues from what they prefer. If your young daughter loves purple maybe you can tone that way down to lavender for the walls. There are lots of easy ways to bring in the deeper purple with pillows, artwork and even integrated into the rug.


2/ Consider Neutral Paint Colours

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If you ask a young child what they think about beige or pale yellow they’ll likely be less than impressed. These colours are too subtle for them. Their world is composed of bold colours so a neutral will likely get a thumbs down. 

Let’s plan for longevity and avoid a change at every changing phase of a girl’s young life. Choose a colour that will transition from toddler to teenager and the way to do that is to stick with a neutral. This can be a pale version of their favourite colour. Or it can be a colour that is pulled from something you know will grow with the child. I’ve had clients who purchased an expensive wool rug or an art piece that they know will stay in this room indefinitely. In that case you can find the perfect wall colour within the existing palette of that piece.


3/ Use Bolder Colours as Accents

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Go gently when it comes to the use of bold colours. Kids tend to cycle through a lot of phases as they grow. Something they love when they’re 8 they’ll consider to be for babies when they’re 10. Bold colours are the identifying feature of these phases so try to limit the use of those.

Instead, save these colours for the accents in the room. We can easily change the look and feel of a bedroom through the seemingly small accents. Bold colours will make a large impact so change the blankets and pillows through your daughter’s changing phases. The same paint colours can remain the backdrop to all of these changes and will offer some calm in the bold storm.


4/ Plan for the Future

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If your daughter is currently a toddler it might seem unbelievable to imagine her as a teenager but trust me, it’ll happen quickly. Consider if you have a defined style for the rest of your home you can make some important decisions around the design of your daughter’s bedroom. If you select paint colours with longevity as well as a classic bed, nightstand and dresser you’ve created a plan for the future.

Although it’s tempting to pop onto Pinterest and see the fairy or princess bedroom that would surely be the delight of any 6-year-old, I’d suggest you don’t go overboard. Unless you really love decorating this single room.

Plan for the right paint colours and furniture and you’ll have a bedroom that transitions between all the phases of your daughter’s young life, whatever they may be.

Paint Colours for Growing Girls

Here are some beautiful paint colours that will grow with your daughter. These all look very neutral but they will look great for years and years to come.


1/ Benjamin Moore Ivory White – CC-130

There’s no age limit to this beautiful colour. This can grow from baby until your daughter is ready to leave home. And it will make a wonderful backdrop for some of the bolder colours she may love over the years.


2/ Benjamin Moore White Sand – OC-10

This is another loveable neutral. This will go with so many bold colours so whether it’s purple, green or pink this paint will always be the calm in the storm.


3/ Benjamin Moore Acapulco Sand 2105-60

This one has definite undertones of pink but yet it’s still a neutral. It leans towards a sandy, dusty pink so it doesn’t look juvenile at all.


4/ Sherwin Williams Intimate White SW-6322

This paint has faint orange undertones so it shows up as the prettiest peach tones. If you have a room with a lot of light you may just see the faintest hint of colour. Otherwise, you’ll be likely to consider it an off-white.


5/ Benjamin Moore Dreamy Cloud 2117-70

A lot of young kids fall in love with the colour purple. In order to avoid arguments about why they can’t have plum paint on the walls, try this instead. It’s a beautiful pale lavender that gives purple vibes without all the saturation.


6/  Benjamin Moore Silver Satin 856

This colour is a soft gray and while that doesn’t sound like a fun colour for kids, it’s a beautiful background colour. If your daughter loves bold bedding and lots of colourful artwork you’ll want a paint colour that can neutrallize that colour. This is a great option. 


7/ Sherwin Williams Dew Drop SW-9641

For those girls who don’t want to be put in the pink box, how about a pale blue? This is a great almost-neutral that looks so good with so many colours. It’s another good choice if you’re hoping to have a paint colour that will grow with your daughter.


8/ Sherwin Williams Softened Green SW-6177

This one has a lot of gray which gives it the more mossy tones as opposed to a really bright green paint. It also looks good paired with strong, bold colours.


9/ Sherwin Williams Faint Coral SW-6329

This is a beautiful soft coral that reads as really warm. Although it’s similar to Intimate White this colour is slightly deeper so it will look like more of a colour than the other.


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