2022 Fall Home Decor Ideas


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If you’re a summer lover like I am, you might feel conflicted with the arrival of fall. Yes, we love our fall fashion and our pumpkin spice latte but often we’re not ready to let go of the warm, sunny days. I like to focus on the positive and decor is something I use every year to get myself excited for the changing season. I’ve got 10 fall home decor ideas that might convince you that it’s ok to let go of summer and jump headfirst into fall. 




1/ Bring Colour to Your Porch

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I know this isn’t a new idea. I already see the garden centres filled with an variety of deep burgundy, orange and yellow. Instead of grabbing two planters and calling it a day I suggest going all the way. Add in a combination of colours and add twice as many pots as you think is reasonable. Just like any other decor item, what we think is enough in the store turns out to be just barely enough when we get them all home. 

We want to create a head turning display of colour. If you’re having a hard time getting excited about fall, this should do the trick. And if mums alone don’t do it, grab some pumpkins on the way home. The combination of mums and pumpkins screams fall and will put a smile on your face when you arrive home each day.


2/ Add Natural Texture

SOURCE: Julie Blanner


Since I live on a farm I have an abundance of decor items right outside my door. If you’re not in the country or you don’t have time for gathering foliage, just head to your florist. At this time of year there’s all kinds of beautiful branches, leaves and flowers that will turn your home into a fall display. 

If you do have time and you want to enjoy some of the fall weather, you usually don’t have to look too hard for ways to bring some natural texture to the inside of your home. Branches are bare so it’s easy to see which ones have enough interest to bring home. Even pine cones, fallen chestnuts and acorns can be used in a bowl to create a beautiful display.



3/ Add Texture in Your Decor

SOURCE: Tonic Living


Do you switch up your decor with the seasons? Even if you don’t go all through your house changing things up you can make a big difference to the feel of your space by adding some texture. Remove the pillow covers from your toss pillows and switch up the summer ones for the fall version. Go heavy on the texture by using velvet, boucle or faux fur. This creates an instant fall mood in your space with not much effort at all. You can also add in some throws now that the evenings are getting a bit cooler. Just this little change in adding texture to your fall home decor will help you get over your transition into the new season.



4/ Decorate Your Front Door

SOURCE: The Barnwood Farmhouse


If you’re waiting for the Christmas holiday season before you hang a wreath, don’t wait! Since we celebrate Thanksgiving so much earlier here in Canada, we have a long wait for the festive season to begin. To give yourself that much needed boost of fall energy, add a wreath to your front door. 

The colour options are limitless since you’re not tying the wreath to a holiday but rather just a season. You can use natural materials found outside or if you’re not a DIY fan, head to your local garden centre or even HomeSense. They’re both filled with wreaths right now.



5/ Decorate the Outside

I love spending time outdoors in the fall. I love to get bundled up, grab a warm drink and a blanket and spend hours outside while the sun’s out. The problem for many of us is that we’ve put away our summer furniture at the first sign of fall. And even when the sun does shine we have made it impossible to hang out outside. I’m a huge fan of fall entertaining outside and I created a space that feels like the rest of my house. 

Consider leaving your outdoor furniture for a few more weeks. Add some pillows and throws that are heavy on the texture and more appropriate for fall. You can pack away the lighter colours and go for the rich burgundy and oranges. And make sure you don’t overlook the finishing touches. Just be sure your decor items won’t blow away if there’s rain or wind so look for chunkier, heavier pieces for this time of year.

Want to learn more about how I decorate the outside of my home for the colder seasons? Read this post

6/ Take It Easy on the Colour

SOURCE: DigsDigs


So what if you’re a neutral lover and the idea of all this deep, saturated colour just isn’t your thing? No problem, white is here to save the day. White pumpkins in particular add a ton of fall personality to our spaces without injecting colour. You can see from the image below how great white pumpkins look paired with just a bit of greenery. And you really don’t need many pumpkins to create a space that tastefully reflects the change of season.

7/ Candles, Candles and More Candles

SOURCE: Regards et Maisons


Maybe it’s because the days are so much longer in summer but bringing candlelight into our homes at this time of year feels right. And regardless of what your interior design style is, candles are always a great addition. 

If you like to entertain more formally, tall candlesticks on a dining table look elegant. Maybe you love simple, casual dinners? Then a table set with chunkier candles at various heights can create a beautiful backdrop. If you just like to kick back with family you can use votives with a couple of fall scented candles. This has the added benefit of creating scent that puts you in a fall mood.



8/ Food Becomes Decor

SOURCE: Anderson and Grant


Hearty fall vegetables like squash, gourds and apples are great for eating but have you considered using them as fall home decor. Maybe while you wait for the weekend to roll around so you have the time to make the squash soup, add these seasonal delights to a centrepiece. When it’s time to cook they’ll still be in great shape since they last so much longer than summer vegetables. This is a nice way to create some fall decor but it’s also a great way to avoid the abundance of fall veggies that take up so much space on our countertop. Put them to use while they wait for their turn.



9/ Switch Up Your Treats

SOURCE: Popsugar


It might seem strange to be talking about candies in reference to home decor but hear me out on this one. When fall rolls around I always put out a bowl of pumpkin spice Werther candies. Now that we’re adults we don’t get to trick-or-treat but this brings a nostalgic element and who doesn’t want to indulge in a pumpkin spice candy!?

If you really have a sweet tooth you can add seasonal candies to glass jars. They definitely indicate the changing of the seasons but in a very sweet way.



10/ What Dreams Are Made Of

SOURCE: Crate & Barrel

One of the best parts of fall is the cooler nights for sleeping. If you’re not one of those people who has seasonal sheets I’m here to convince you to start. I love to change out the sheets on my bed from light and bright colours to off-white or even warmer tones. And if you’re always cold in the winter, flannel sheets are your new best friend. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck and uninspired because fall has arrived I hope this helped you to see that it can be fun to get into seasonal decorating to move you out of a slump. Let me know if I’ve missed anything that you do in your home for fall decorating.


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