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White Contemporary living room

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Who’s ready to have some fun?! Hollywood Regency is also referred to as Hollywood Glam or just Glam and it comes to pack a punch. It’s a style that came to us in the 1930’s during the Golden Age of Cinema. Try to visualize the elegantly dressed women with their cocktail in one hand and a long cigarette in the other. This image of elegance became popular through old movies. That’s the time we’re referring to and it moved from movie sets to homes where the wealthy could keep the party going at home. 

If you have never been a fan of the minimalist style of design you’ll likely love this maximalist style. It’s colour, it’s pattern, it’s bold. There are no limits to how much mixing of colour and pattern can co-exist together in this style. 

If you’re a fan and you’re ready to give it a try, my best advice is to go big. You can’t do this halfway or you’ll never achieve the feeling of opulence and grandeur that Hollywood Regency demands. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this powerful design style.





The Colour Palette


As a glam lover, this style speaks to me! This is all about elegant, sophisticated and moody. The colour palette is perfectly aligned with that because let’s face it, you can’t create this with a neutral palette. Deep jewel tones and saturated colours are the only way to go to create this look. This also coincides with the current movement towards deeper colours in our homes so if you love this style, now is the absolute best time to try it.

Colours range from black to pink with everything in between. While we normally see walls painted deep colours, if the lighting in your space doesn’t allow for that, white can also be used on walls, leaving room for deep colours to be used elsewhere. 

One colour you can’t leave out of this design style is gold. Accessorize with it everywhere and when you think you have enough, add more.

beige living room with black contemporary light fixture

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Upholstered furniture takes a bit of a back seat in Hollywood Regency design. It’s never a shrinking violet so it’s still bold but it doesn’t need to steal the show. Pieces tend to be understated in scale and size but since this style is all about luxury and comfort, don’t sacrifice comfort to achieve the style. Upholstery includes chairs with round silhouettes although we do see sofas with straight, thin lines incorporated here as well. 

Case goods like tables and buffets do however make a huge statement. High gloss finishes and mirrored pieces are a must to make this design style work. Forget about anything understated and go for shine and sparkle. 

The real secret to achieving this style is embracing the decorative aspects of your design. The accessories and styling are the most important aspect of getting Hollywood Regency right.

gray contemporary sofa with bold artwork

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Contemporary living room




This is one of the rare design styles where architecture takes a back seat to colour and texture. You can essentially create this look in any space since the details are what matter. So whether you live in a 7,000 sq.ft. new build or a tiny one-bedroom apartment, the architecture won’t hold you back. 

Fireplaces were a common feature during this period although they were always understated. Another regular addition to a Hollywood Regency space was a built-in bar. That might not be possible but if you don’t have a bar you can certainly include a beautiful gold or lucite and gold bar cart. 

Use oversized chandeliers to create an architectural feature but otherwise let the decor do the talking. If chandeliers aren’t in your budget add in oversized lamps that are bold and dramatic.

Contemporary living room with oversized black light fixture

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This style emerged from a desire to create amazing entertaining spaces so make sure your space is set up with that in mind. People are going to be mingling, having fun and just generally being fabulous. If you are an entertainer be sure to include lots of seating vignettes with side tables.

Contemporary living room

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One thing to note is that Hollywood Regency style can be easily created in a way that isn’t long-term. If you’re worried about whether you’ll still love it in 5 or 10 years, have no fear. Since the basis of this style is really about the accessories and styling it’s relatively easy (and inexpensive) to create it and change it again down the road. Keep your furniture pieces neutral and just be fully committed to the colour and patterns. Adding removable wallpaper, artwork and accessories that can be reused or recycled makes this a low risk design.

Like I said, now is the time to embrace all that Hollywood Regency has to offer. We’re coming out of the white and gray phase of design. And while Modern Farmhouse and Coastal designs are still going strong, the additional use of dark, bold colours tells me we’ll be seeing more and more of this outrageously fun style. 

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