Elevate Your Home and Get a Luxe Look for Less


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If you’re living in a builder home that looks like every other home in your neighbourhood it might be worth investing in some upgrades in order to get a more luxe look. And not all upgrades have to cost an astronomical amount of money. There are a ton of ways we can upgrade our homes to give it a more impactful, luxurious appearance without breaking the bank.


How to Elevate Your Home 



1/ Add Wallpaper


Wallpaper is dramatic and can make a huge statement in your home. And before you say you don’t like wallpaper I can assure you that there’s something out there for you. 

If you immediately think of oversized florals I promise you that wallpaper has come a long way. The array of patterns is endless and if you don’t like any pattern at all then consider grass cloth. This is all about texture instead of pattern.

Wallpaper looks expensive and luxurious and will instantly elevate your home’s aesthetic. And you don’t need to paper your entire home. Start with your entryway and hallway that leads into the rest of your home. This alone can make a significant difference and add a luxe factor of 10/10 to your space.



2/ Add Decorative Moulding

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Nothing will scream luxe as much as elegant moulding. And it’s a reasonably priced way to add glamour and sophistication to any part of your home. While it does have its roots in more traditional design, today we’re seeing it used in modern homes as well.

If you love the look of a Parisian apartment then this is the right upgrade for you. Decorative wall mouldings and chair rails are the most obvious places to add impact but consider beefing up baseboards and crown moulding as well for a huge impact. 

If you have architectural details like a fireplace or large windows, consider enhancing those by adding decorative moulding. A fireplace mantel can go from blah to breathtaking just by using chunky decorative moulding to create a regal feeling to the room.


3/ Custom Curtains


Most designers will agree that if you could only make one change to your home to create a luxe look it would be adding custom curtains. These are so impactful and make every room look expensive. Because of the scale of curtains and how much visual room they take up, they have an enormous impact on your space. 

While you can’t avoid the sewing fees you can save a lot of money by sourcing fabrics that are reasonably priced. Look for blends and avoid silk, velvet and hand embellished fabrics to keep your budget under control.

If you don’t have a need for privacy or light control you can consider just adding panels as opposed to working curtains. That will save you tons of money but still give you the impact and luxe look you’re after.


4/ Upgrade Your Lighting

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No expensive looking home is complete with great light fixtures. A simple trick to add a luxe feel to your home is to replace your builder grade light fixtures with something more elegant. So often we become accustomed to the things in our home and don’t notice that it might be dragging the look of our home down.

While great light fixtures can be pricey, they’ll make a dramatic difference during the day as well as at night. A great fixture will give your home an elegant look even when it’s turned off but the real magic will happen at night when your space glows. Think of your lighting as the jewelry needed to finish off a great outfit.  If you want to learn more about the 3 types of lighting every room needs, read this post.

And don’t forget about your lamps. They also have a significant impact on the overall look of your room. 


5/ Invest In Great Art

One thing that separates expensive homes from every other home is their curated selection of artwork. Bare walls make a home feel empty and cold. Add personality to your space by incorporating some really interesting pieces of artwork. The impact can outsize the cost because there are so many great places to buy affordable artwork. With sites like Etsy, Minted or Society 6 there’s something for everyone.

The key to great artwork is make sure the size works with your environment. Most homes have too many small pieces or art. Instead, invest in one large, dramatic piece to give that rich, luxe feeling to your space. Try to avoid generic prints of cityscapes or landscapes. Instead, go for pieces that really reflect you and what you love.  If you need some help understanding what size to buy and where to hang your artwork, read this post.



6/ Incorporate Luxury Materials

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We can’t always afford to replace our countertops with the marble we love but you can instead opt for a marble coffee table. Use luxury materials in whatever way your budget allows to give the elevated look you’re after.

When considering what makes a material luxury think about its longevity. The most luxurious materials tend to be the ones that have been used for decades (or centuries). This might be stone like marble and metal finishes like brass and gold. You don’t need to overwhelm your home with these finishes but keep in mind that every expensive home will have a mix of expensive materials. It’s up you to decide how to use them.


7/ Always Include a Rug


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A room isn’t complete without a rug and the more luxurious your rug is the more upscale your home will look. Bare floors will never look luxurious and your space will always feel a bit empty.

Try to avoid synthetic materials if you can and instead go for lush silk, wool, cotton or jute. Natural fibres feel the best underfoot but they also have a natural stain resistance that keeps them looking great for years.

Not every square inch of your home needs to have a rug but your main areas like the living room, bedrooms and family rooms should all have rugs. This will give an instant feel of luxe to your space.

One of the most important aspects of creating a luxe feeling in your home is to keep the clutter to a minimum. Always make sure that your home is clean and organized and you’ll be off to a great start.


If you need help with decorating your home, contact me. I’d love to help you create a luxurious space to call your own. 


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