Cool Paint Colours for a Boy’s Tranquil Retreat


SOURCE: Studio McGee

I love decorating kids’ rooms because it’s exciting to see these special spaces come to life and experience the excitement of the child who will grow with the room. The obvious (and most popular) paint colours for a boy’s bedroom is blue but since there are thousands of blues to choose from that doesn’t help. Which ones are tranquil and calm and which will create a youthful space that might not age well as your boy grows older. And while I do admit that the overwhelming majority of boys will ask for blue, there are other options that need to be explored.

These are my favourite paint colours for creating a tranquil space for a young boy. And they’re all guaranteed to grow with him into his teens and beyond.






1/ Sherwin Williams Delft

SOURCE: Mix & Match Design Co.

This is one of those absolutely perfect, mid-toned blues. It definitely doesn’t say child as some mid-toned blues can. It has a gray undertone that stops it from being too bright. I think this is a colour that would work for many years as your boy grows up. And if you have a young girl I would also consider this beauty for her space as well.


2/ Benjamin Moore Dark Olive

SOURCE: Mindy Gayer

If you saw this colour on a paint chip you might be afraid the colour would be anything but tranquil and yet look at it. It’s so beautiful and deep but it doesn’t feel heavy or overwhelming. I think the secret to incorporating a bold colour like this is to balance it out with a lot of light neutrals. This allows the colour to have a strong presence in the space but without taking over completely.


3/ Benjamin Moore Thunder

SOURCE: Within the Grove

The colour used on the bottom half of the wall in the image above is Thunder and I love how well it acts as a backdrop for the other colours in this space. That’s the best kind of colour if you’re trying to create a tranquil space for kids. It seems there’s a cacophony of colour just from the toys and books that kids have in their rooms. Having a neutral colour like this one is a great way to add colour but keep it calm and peaceful. 

This colour is a mix of warm and cool which is another reason to love it. Regardless of what other colours you’re using this is the perfect base colour.


4/ Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone

SOURCE: Emily Henderson

This lovely paint colour is a perfect mix of blue and green. It’s another colour that has a gray undertone which keeps it from looking like it’s for a baby’s room. Instead, this sophisticated colour pairs well with a lot of other colours and will stand the test of time as your young boy grows. I love how many bright, bold colours the designer has paired with this paint.

If you’re not as much of a colour lover as your young boy, the best compromise is something like what they did above. The paint stops halfway up the wall. Maybe this colour would be too overwhelming in the space all the way to the ceiling. It really depends on the lighting conditions in your space so always test the paint first.

5/ Sherwin Williams Anchor Aweigh

SOURCE: Ave Styles


If you have a space that’s filled with light and you prefer your paint colours to be a little deeper, navy is a classic that you’ll never tire of. Navy works so well with almost every other colour so it’s a perfect choice for a kids room. It’s no secret that I’m a navy lover and if you want to see all of my favourite blues in one place, read this post.


In this room the homeowners opted to paint a feature wall in navy and leave the rest of the walls in a cool white. This is another alternative to painting an entire room and could be a great compromise between you and your child.


6/ Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

SOURCE: Bless This Nest

Black might seem like an unconventional colour choice for a kids room but if you have the right amount of light it can look cool and timeless. I love how beautifully it pairs with the ivory wall and the caramel leather furniture in this image. This is clearly an older boy’s bedroom but this colour would work just as well for younger boys if you were to replace the caramel with white, cream, gray or even a light brown/taupe furniture pieces.  


7/ Benjamin Moore Gray

SOURCE: Nesting With Grace

If black is just too much, how about giving charcoal a try? This gorgeous colour is really warm and won’t leave you feeling like it’s too much for a young boy. In the image above I would actually say it feels more like a blue than a true charcoal. And in rooms with lots of light you’ll probably see more blue as well.


8/ Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

SOURCE: Lehman Lane

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking at blue paint you’ve likely come across this cult favourite. It’s such a perfect blue and is the epitome of what I think of when I imagine a boy’s blue bedroom. Although it’s another deep colour it’s so liveable and pairs with almost any other colour. It’s another one that has longevity as well so if you don’t want to paint this space again for many years, give this a try.


9/ Sherwin Williams Privilege Green 

SOURCE: Circle G Designs

There’s really no other word that would adequately describe this paint colour other than tranquil. If that’s the aesthetic you’re after, you need to run to the paint store and grab this. I also love how well it pairs with the orange tones of this mid century chair. It truly shows how well it will work with other primary colours that are the norm in any young boys room.


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