Colour Trends for 2022 – Warm for the Win


I know that a lot of you fell off the gray bandwagon quite some time ago, myself included.  Well, it’s time to celebrate if that was you because in 2022 we’re going to see warmer colours dominate the scene. RIP cool gray and stark white. We’re going to be seeing creamy, sandy undertones in all our colours and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.



All of the big paint manufacturers have released their Colour of the Year and one thing is abundantly clear – green is the go-to choice for all of them. There are no cool colours this year. Think more grounded, natural and evocative of warm and cozy. A hint to nature and rebirth is a strong theme for all the paint companies.

This seemingly unanimous decision by paint manufacturers is probably based on the fact that our world has been so topsy turvy for the last two years. Yes, we could all use a lot more warmth and balance in our worlds. Psychologically, green represents security and who couldn’t stand to feel more secure these days?!

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year for 2022


This beautiful colour has been around for quite a while in the BM Classic Collection. It’s most definitely a colour but it’s also a great foundation for incorporating other colours into your space. I know I said goodbye gray but this has a definitely smoky, gray undertone which helps it to retain its neutral quality. Benjamin Moore refers to it as the “silver-green stem of a flower”. Just like a stem is the base to the flower’s beautiful colour, so is October Mist to whatever bold or pastel colour you’re craving in your space right now.

Look at how stunning it is with the lavender pillows in this image. It’s not fighting for attention and dominating the other colours. It’s a complement to the pinks and purples in the room. Alternatively, it also can warm up a cooler space like a kitchen. It’s gray base works so nicely with silvers and cooler grays. If you’re trying to figure out how to warm up the starker greys and whites from yesterday, this colour is a total winner.

Aside from October Mist, there are 13 other colour trends in the BM palette for 2022. Head over to see the entire collection.


This one is much deeper and more saturated but it’s still a greige base so again, works as a great foundation for other colours to play along. Sherwin Williams says this colour represents “birth, regrowth and joy”. Yes to all of that for 2022!!

If you’re a design lover you’ll be able to see similarities in this colour dating back to mid-century design, particularly the Frank Lloyd Wright era of indoor/outdoor design. Harkening back to a simpler time, maybe?

This colour is a total chameleon and will read differently depending on the natural light in your space. South facing rooms with tons of natural light will see this appear much lighter than in the north facing room with little light flowing in. In those spaces this will be much more deeply saturated and dark so testing is important here.

Sherwin Williams suggests pairing this colour with a variety of neutrals. I think you’ll have massive success pairing this with everything ranging from light white all the way to deep charcoal. It’s just a really solid base colour.


Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2022
Behr Colour of the Year 2022



Behr is having a bit more light-hearted fun with their selection for 2022. This one is a bit minty but so fresh and clean. Behr calls this their “physical passageway to spiritual re-emergence”. This confirms that all the big paint manufacturers got the same memo and are hoping to lift our tired spirits in 2022.

The suggested coordinating colours for Breezeway are all very warm with pink, purple and terra cotta type hues. If you’re really in need of some uplifting, this colour combo will do the trick. Breezeway on its own is an exciting colour change from our years of dull and drab but pairing it with a fun accent colour will make your home a delightful retreat. Head over to Behr’s site to get more info.


Taking a broader approach to colour we switch to Pantone. They are colour predictors that influence not only interior design but also fashion, entertainment and art industries. We haven’t yet seen their announcement about the Colour of the Year but that should be coming soon.

They did put out their New York Fashion Week colour predictions for 2022. Although on the surface it seems unrelated to interiors, Pantone colour predictions always have an influence on our homes.  We may see these colours toned down a bit and certainly most of them aren’t for paint but you’ll see these colours pop up in artwork, rugs, accessories and décor so pay attention.

I’m personally a huge fan of these saturated colours and can’t wait for the colours to start appearing both in fashion and in homes.

Pantone Fashion Week Colour Palette 2022

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the paint colours of the year? What about the Pantone fashion colours? And are you like me and sighing a breath of relief that we don’t have to endure any more gray walls???

Need help choosing colour for your home? You’re in luck because I’m a True Colour Expert and picking exactly the right colour for your space is one of my super powers.


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