Black & White Kitchen Reveal – Using Creativity in a Small Space


black & white kitchen


When I initially met with this family of four in Tottenham I knew it would be a challenging but extremely enjoyable experience to work with them. This young family was tackling a full-home renovation including the addition of a master bedroom. There was a lot to tackle but today I’m sharing only the completed kitchen renovation. 


The brief on this kitchen was simple – maximize the space and make it function better for their growing family. Their design aesthetic was perfectly matched with my own so right away I knew I could give them a casual glam aesthetic that would work for years and years to come. 


Dealing with a Small Space

This kitchen needed to satisfy a lot of requirements. The adults in the house wanted a clean and glam look along with maximum storage. Nothing says glam like a black & white kitchen so that was the starting point. High on the list of must-have items was to incorporate a coffee station to make mornings more enjoyable. Since the kitchen was only a part of the renovation it had to match the aesthetic of the rest of the home.


There are 2 young, growing girls in this household and it was important that we dedicate space for them to eat and hang out while mom and dad are in the kitchen. This was the most challenging aspect of the project because the kitchen just couldn’t accommodate an eating area due to the size.


Black & White Kitchen Utilizes A Simple Colour Palette

black & white kitchen


These homeowners wanted something that relied on neutrals but also had a big impact. A black & white kitchen is a classic, timeless combination that won’t date but will also deliver a big design punch.


When paired with gold accents, the space looks modern and glam. The great thing about this classic design is if they ever tire of gold, a simple switch to nickel hardware and faucets will give them a more transitional look. 



The Perfect Way to Start a Day



Since we were limited in our space we couldn’t splurge on all the luxuries this couple would have liked. One thing they were adamant about was a coffee station and I was more than happy to oblige.


On this back wall we incorporated a bank of drawers but the highlight of the area is the contrasting glass front uppers. Since storage was more important than counter space we opted to take the upper cabinetry from the ceiling all the way down to the countertop. We agreed that shelving was necessary here but it all came together when we incorporated light oak to match the flooring. 


Initially we had intended for the shelving to be floating between the banks of cabinetry. By elongating the shelving and adding it into the cabinets we’ve created a feeling of both vertical and horizontal space. This also kept the black & white kitchen from being too simple. This entire area looks huge now in comparison to what we started with. Who needs Starbucks when you have a coffee station like this, am I right?!


Deciding Where to Splurge


One of the most difficult parts of designing a space is deciding where to save and where to splurge. It’s also an area that can benefit from having a designer because often we can guide you in a direction you may not have considered for your splurge.


Case in point, I immediately fell in love with the idea of going big on the hardware on all the cabinetry. The homeowners were hesitant because it’s hard to imagine how knobs and pulls can elevate a space. Luckily, they were willing to follow my lead and the payoff is enormous. 


The big splurge came in the form of adding the backplate to each knob and pull throughout the space. While it might seem like something worth skipping, it adds an upscale look to the entire space. This takes the cabinetry from good to great.


Maximizing Space

It’s very rare to come across a client who wouldn’t love to have a big island in their kitchen. They’re a second work area as well as additional storage. They also act as the hub of the home for most of us. 


In this case, both myself and the builder were hesitant to put an island into this small space. We felt that it would feel cramped and end up being a regret. The homeowners really had their hearts set on it.  I agreed it was worth exploring and after playing around with space planning we finally found a size and shape that fit perfectly into the new space. And yes, it has become the hub of the home!


Carving Out New Space 


The homeowners were insistent that we find the space for a small eating area. Initially I tried to figure out how to include a small table and chairs. In the end, this banquette proved to be the most space saving but also the most polished and luxurious. 


This custom banquette seats 2 adults or 3 kids and with the additional dining chairs, it’s not just beautiful but extremely functional in the space. And we really weren’t giving up a lot of space. We utilized the space beside the doors to the backyard which originally felt like a wasted space.


Now this young family of 4 has a place to start their mornings (with coffee, of course) or end the day with a casual dinner. 


The Final Reveal of this Black & White Kitchen


As the design started to come together I explained my vision for carrying the beautiful quartz all the way up the wall at the coffee station. Understandably, my clients felt this would be overwhelming and could end up looking out of place.


I was so sure that they would love it that I added it to the 3D renderings of the space. Everyone, including the builder, agreed that this was the look we wanted. I can’t imagine this space without it.


This is just one of the reasons I love 3D renderings for my client projects. There’s no other way for clients to imagine what’s going on in my mind. Thankfully, they only have access to my design mind 😉


I hope you love this project as much as we all do. If you’re interested in speaking with me about an upcoming project I’d love to hear from you. Reach out and let’s chat.


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