Best Paint Colours to Transform the Exterior of your Lake House



I talked recently about painting the interior of your lake house but what about lake house exterior paint colours? We spend so much time outdoors that it would be a toss up for me to say whether your priority in painting should be inside or outside. This is different from your home. At home we work all day and often don’t get a chance to be outside until the weekend. Even then, with our commitments we’re lucky if we get a few hours on the weekend outside. But your lake house? That’s 24/7 outdoor life and if you really don’t like the colour of the exterior, it’s going to grate on your nerves all summer long. Here are what I consider the best paint colours to transform the exterior of your lake house.



Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colours to Transform Your Lake House Exterior  

1/ Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

By now you’ve probably noticed that I really, really like this colour. What can I say? It’s the perfect shade of navy and it works everywhere. At first glance you may be thinking this colour would be way too dark for a lake house but hear me out. Every shade of blue looks great on the exterior of a lake house because it’s another element in the blue that surrounds the environment. 

The only time I would avoid going this dark is if you own a lake house that’s setting is more forest-like with large trees that overshadow the house. That would still look great on a bright, sunny day but it could start to look oppressive on gray and rainy days. Any other environment will be enhanced by Gentleman’s Gray.

Read more about how to use it in your kitchen here and front door here.


2/ Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

This is a colour that you can confidently use on your lake house, inside or outside. It’s quintessentially coastal and feels like it belongs at the lake, doesn’t it? It’s an interesting colour that changes with the light. Sometimes it has a bit more tendency towards blue but other times you’ll see a hint of green. It always has those wonderful gray undertones that keep colours from looking too bright. And if you have a lot of colour existing in the surroundings, don’t worry. This colour plays nice with everyone.


3/ Benjamin Moore Duxbury Gray

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Duxbury Gray

Looking for a colour that blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings? Duxbury Gray is essentially a tree distilled down into a colour. It tends towards gray but has a strong undertone of green. Pair this with stark white trim for a classic look that will honour this colour’s historical roots.


4/ Benjamin Moore Raintree Green

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Raintree Green

Just like Duxbury Gray, this colour will blend into the surroundings and give a tranquil and natural feel to your lake house. If you have a home that isn’t a showstopper you don’t want a paint that makes it stand out. You want it to seamlessly blend into its environment and that’s what you’ll get with this beauty.


5/ Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

If you really want paint colours to transform the exterior of your lake house, look no further. Kendall Charcoal is a colour that shines when it’s paired with green and blue. Isn’t that exactly what we want when we paint our lake house? It seems bold and dramatic but remember that colours on the exterior always lighten due to the natural light.


6/ BM Hale Navy

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

This is another heavy hitter in the Benjamin Moore lineup. If you love a very classic look when it comes to architecture, pair this with a stark white trim and a wood door. If you’re worried that it’s too dark just do a quick search online and you’ll see that compared to the small paint chip, it looks much lighter outside when it’s applied.


7/ BM  Newburyport Blue

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue

This one has strong tropical vibes on the paint chip but in reality, it’s a navy that is on the lighter side. If you’re really committed to using blue but you feel like Hale Navy and Gentleman’s Gray are too deep for you, this could be your colour. It’s still highly saturated but it has more lightness overall.


8/ BM Cheating Heart

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart

Black exteriors are always in fashion but if you think that going all the way down the spectrum to black is too much, maybe Cheating Heart is a good compromise. It’s not quite black, not quite brown and with definite blue undertones. 

As I’ve said, exteriors painted in these deep colours will look much lighter than what you see on the chips. This one really needs to be seen to appreciate how beautiful it can be. If you can see the water from your property and you want to go dark, this will pair beautifully with the ever changing colour of the water.



Best Sherwin Williams Paint Colours to Transform Your Lake House Exterior  

9/ Sherwin Williams Rainstorm

Lake House Exterior Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Rainstorm

Ok let’s get playful. If you want something that screams “fun” , Rainstorm will do that for you. It’s got that same lightness that I mentioned above with Newburyport Blue. We’ve seen this colour used a lot on exteriors amidst the Modern Farmhouse craze so you know it’s already a tried and tested winner.


10/ Sherwin Willliams Blustery Sky

Let’s talk about paint colours to transform the exterior of your lake house when you get too much sun. Yes, I said that! Some of us don’t have lake houses surrounded by tall trees to add to the environment. In that case, the paint colour needs to be perfect and carry itself. Blustery Sky can do that. It’s mid-toned blue with a strong gray undertone. It can do the job when you need a paint colour that can stand out but also blend in.


11/ Sherwin Williams Light French Gray

Let’s talk about what to do if there’s a lot going on at your lake house. Not every property has a perfectly manicured lawn with views of the water. Sometimes we have to contend with a lot of natural elements combined with a busy yard full of things. In that case, you want a colour that just melts into the background in a sophisticated way. This is a very light gray but outside you’ll find some of its warm, sandy undertones. It won’t ask for attention but it’ll help to create a cohesive environment.


12/ Sherwin Williams Morning Fog

Our last colour is for someone who wants that mid-toned silvery blue. Maybe you love blue but you don’t want to commit to a navy or even a light blue. You can use a lot of fun colours to accessorize with this one so while it might seem timid it definitely has personality.

I know it’s a big commitment to pick a paint colour for the exterior of your home. If you need some help, you can check out my Paint Consultation services.

And if you’ve painted the exterior of your lake house, let me know what colour you picked and how you feel about it.

If you know your design style but you struggle with which paint to use, take a look at my Made-For-You paint palettes. They take the guesswork out and give you the confidence to get started.



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