Pamela Lynn


Pamela Lynn

Pamela Lynn is the ONLY Interior Design Professional in Tottenham and surrounding area that is a Certified True Colour Expert.  Pam is the founder and Principal Interior Design Profession at Pamela Lynn Interiors, she understands how to select colours and finishes that work right the first time! Don’t make costly mistakes choosing colour -it’s complicated. She knows which undertones work best with which colour, she knows the perfect white for your home. This is a not a guessing game, she is an expert with a trained eye to ensure your home inside and out has a cohesive look.


Pam brings 20 years of problem solving abilities, pristine communication skills and an extensive background in the consulting business. This coupled with her design talent and her practical approach saves you time and money. Being a consulting expert, Pam will help you determine and overcome your biggest design challenges. If you don’t know where to begin or unsure where your money will be best spent, Pamela Lynn Interiors can assist and take the stress out of the process. Pam is the master of knowing which budget items make sense and where to spend to see the value. She considers herself an Interior Consultant, learning what you need and how to help you best achieve a “look and feel” for your home. Pam can take the guesswork out of making your house a home. No more endless trips to the store and unsuccessful purchases. Spend your money wisely and avoid all the stress.

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Pamela Lynn brings Interior Design Solutions to Tottenham and Surrounding Area

No need to waste time and endless amounts of effort. Your furniture options, floor plans, window coverings, paint consultations, art and accessory selections will be brought directly to you. Are you a busy professional, no time to source, plan and execute the decorating of your home. Pam can help, she has dealt with Management, C- level Executives and Business Owners for 20 years- she understands. You do not need to waste endless amounts of time researching products, brands and prices only to find out they don’t work anyways. She brings the vetted solutions to you and her trusted selections will be a welcome addition to your home. Pam has the ability to manage your project and take care of all the details. So you can live, gather, and enjoy your new beautiful space.

Family Friendly Designs

Do you have a family with children? With two boys herself, she understands how to design a space and make it work for kids. Performance fabrics have worked wonders in her own home. Need to hide the toys, she has the solutions. Additionally, she knows what works best and what can withstand the wear and tear of family life. You want functionality married with stylish kid proof design? You got it, you’re speaking her language. Her practical sensibilities insist upon giving you a home the whole family can live in and enjoy. Time to make memories in your new stylish space.

Do you need to know where to spend your money in your home? Are you trying to add value to your home to boost buyer appeal? Do you have a budget and have no idea where it is best spent? Let her trained set of eyes suggest the best way to spend your time and money efficiently. She can assist with determining which items can be re-purposed or edited. If new items are needed, what’s worth the splurge.

Pamela will help you figure out what you want and need in your space. She will tell visual story, and help enhance your home experience that allows you to fully enjoy life in your space. With a large array of resources and connections she can ensure space has a collected, timeless and pulled together look.

Want more time to do the things you love but want your home to represent you.




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