15 Paint Colours for Your Front Door to Make Your Neighbours Jealous


white house with burgundy front door


Every spring we all get a new appreciation for the outside of our home. We clean up all the winter debris, bring some planters to the porch and look for ways to create a fresh look. After hiding in our homes all winter we need something new to decorate, right? If you want to create the biggest possible impact for the smallest cash outlay, consider painting your front door. Wondering what best paint colours for your front door are. I’ve got you covered with my favourites.

Your front door is a project you can complete in a day or at the most, a weekend. If you go for something really different than what you currently have you can actually give the front of your house a brand new look. Ready to go for it? 








Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray

1.GENTLEMAN’S GRAY 2062-20 (Benjamin Moore)

This is currently my favourite colour so of course it has to make its appearance in top spot. If you want a navy door, look no further than this beautiful shade. It will never let you down.



Front door painted in gentleman's gray
Front door painted in gentleman's gray
Iron Mountain Benjamin Moore Paint

2. Iron Mountain 2134-40 (Benjamin Moore)

This is not quite black but a deep, warm gray. If you love the idea of dark and dramatic but don’t want to go as far as black, give this a try. It looks great with gold, brass or silver hardware and you can decorate your front porch with any colour.


Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain
Benjamin Moore Black

3. Black 2132-10 (Benjamin Moore)

This one is most definitely black. It’s deep, dark and dramatic but don’t ever be scared to use black. One of the least scary paint colours for your front door is black because it’s really a neutral. It goes with absolutely everything and you can decorate the rest of your front porch with any colour you like.

Benjamin Moore Black
Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

4. Hale Navy HC-154 (Benjamin Moore)

Maybe Gentleman’s Gray isn’t quite right for you. Too blue and you want something a shade deeper. This one will be your winner then. It’s a very deep navy hovering close to charcoal. If you get a lot of direct sun on your front door this will be a good navy choice.

paint colours for your front door
Benjamin Moore Louisiana Hot Spice

5. Louisiana Hot Spice CC-124 (Benjamin Moore)

Who wants to have some fun? If you’ve been looking at the deep colours thinking “give me some colour”, here you go. If you want to see paint colours for your front door that will make your neighbours’ heads turn, give this spicy, sassy colour a try.

paint colours for your front door
Benjamin Moore Chili Pepper

6. Chili Pepper 2004-20 (Benjamin Moore)

This is another head turner. It’s a bit more red than Louisiana Hot Spice but it’ll put a big smile on your face every time you come home.

paint colours for your front door
Benjamin Moore Yellow Raincoat

7. Yellow Raincoat 2020-40 (Benjamin Moore)

This is another show stopper. How could anyone not smile walking by your house if this was your front door colour? If the main body of your house is light blue, dark blue or gray, this is a 10/10. You’ll be surprised how adaptive yellow can be as a front door colour.

Benjamin Moore Yellow Raincoat
Benjamin Moore Cushing GReen

8. Cushing Green HC-125 (Benjamin Moore)

If you prefer a colour that’s more in sync with nature your most obvious choice will be green. Sounds easy right? Not really. There are hundreds of greens to pick from but Cushing Green is a great place to start. It’s part of the Historical collection which means it has that gray undertone to prevent it from being too bright. If Cushing Green isn’t your choice, read this blog post about how all the paint manufacturers chose green as 2020’s Colour of the Year. You could be the first on your block to use one of these picks.

Benjamin Moore Cushing GReen




Sherwin Williams Dark Night

9. Dark Night SW-6237 (Sherwin Williams)

Heading back to navy but this one is a fan favourite from Sherwin Williams’ lineup. It’s close to Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. It’s got the deep, saturated tones again that look classic and bold on a front door. Always a winner!

Sherwin Williams Dark Night

10. Still Water SW-6223 (Sherwin Williams)

This is a lovely blue gray that has a bit of teal mixed in there. The amount of sun you have directly hitting the door will affect how light or dark this colour will appear. You can see from the image below that the top of the door is in shade and appears much darker. It would be a nice colour for anyone who likes to see a duality to their paint colours at different times of day.

Sherwin Williams Really Teal

11. Really Teal SW-6489 (Sherwin Williams)

If you’re looking for a colour that’s a bit more daring without being in the orange or red families, look at teal. This gives a playful, welcoming essence to the front of your house but it’s still understated.

Sherwin Williams Really Teal
Sherwin Williams Oceanside

12. Oceanside SW-6496 (Sherwin Williams)

This was Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year in 2018 so if you have any hesitation you can google the name and find a sea of images with this colour. It’s definitely bright and bold but it’s still a safe blue. There’s nothing childlike about this colour because the saturation is strong.

Sherwin Williams Oceanside
Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

13. Peppercorn SW-7674 (Sherwin Williams)

This is a true charcoal so if you love the idea of dark but you’re not into black, this is your colour. If you have red brick that needs to be tamed, this colour will help the brick look more sophisticated. They would be a great pairing.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn
Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

14. Iron Ore SW-7069 (Sherwin Williams)

This is another not-quite black. It’s got more black than Peppercorn so one step closer to black but still not fully committing to a black door.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
Sherwin Williams Real Red

15. Real Red SW-6868 (Sherwin Williams)

One of the most classic paint colours for your front door is red. It’s iconic for its welcoming warmth and those who want their door to be a focal point can rely on this.

Sherwin Williams Real Red


If you know your design style but you struggle with which paint to use, take a look at my Made-For-You paint palettes. They take the guesswork out and give you the confidence to get started.


Benjamin Moore Modern Farmhouse Paint Colour Palettes for the home

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