12 of the Best Paint Colours for your Basement


If you’ve been struggling to figure out the best paint colours for your basement, I’m here to help!

We’re spending a lot more time indoors these days now that there’s a chill in the air. For those of us with basements we tend to spend the most time down there in fall and winter. It’s also the time of year when our days are shortest and the amount of natural light is extremely limited. That means that we rely on great lighting and paint colours to work overtime in our basement more than anywhere else in the house. 

I’m using my two favourite paint retailers – Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. I love the quality of their paints, how easily it adheres to the wall and the washability factor is extremely high. If you have young kids, pets or spend a lot of time outside getting messy you’ll know the importance of being able to wipe down walls without removing the paint as well as the dirt.

The most important thing to consider when selecting paint for the basement is that you want to stick to the warm-toned colours. Basements have lower ceilings and combined with the lack of natural light you don’t want cool tones down there. Unless you’re creating a home theatre I would recommend staying away from deep, saturated tones as they can make it feel like a cave unless you’re an expert decorator or have a designer on speed dial.



The best Benjamin Moore paint colours for your basement



this soft, creamy white won’t appear stark in a space with very little natural lighting like a basement. It’s warm and easy and it pairs well with so many colours. Pick a deep accent colour for toss pillows and throws or just go tone on tone neutral for a softer look.


want something with a bit more depth to it? This white is a combination of yellow and cream with the slightest hint of gray. It’s another beautiful neutral that pairs with so many other colours.


this colour is well named because it does indeed look like the colour of a baby fawn. It’s warm with greige undertone which is a mix of gray and beige. If you’re wavering between Baby Fawn and Edgecomb Gray, I’m here to help. They’re the same colour so use it confidently knowing it’s one of the most beloved neutrals in the BM collection.


this one also falls into the category of greige but it has a violet undertone. Despite the undertone it still reads as a warm neutral. Avoid using this in basements that have absolutely no natural light. This colour shows best with even small amount of light streaming in.


another BM favourite, this colour is a warm beige with the slightest of pink undertones. It’s beautiful in a basement because the undertone will keep the space feeling cozy and easy to live with.


this colour is pure zen. It’s easy to live with in any space in your home but will instantly transform your basement. It’s a soft gray with undertones of both blue and green. It’s peaceful and calming and pairs well with bold accent colours.

best paint colours for your basement



this is a much more crisp white than a lot of the others we’ve seen. It has a gray undertone which can sometimes mean it heads into the cooler tones but even so, it’s very livable and easy to warm up with warmer accent colours.


a warm greige with violet undertones. This is a great colour for a basement because the beige keeps it warm and cozy but it has a touch of colour to it as well.


this is a no-brainer for basements without a lot of natural light. It’s warm but reads very light when applied. It won’t ever turn cool so regardless of the season you’ll feel good in the space.


this is one of Sherwin Williams’ most beloved of all colours. It reads white on your walls but it has just enough warm, creamy undertones to prevent it from being cool. Another winner for the basement.


if you’re a lover of either pink or violet this is your colour. It’s a soft warm cream with lots of pinky-purple undertones. It doesn’t read as cool though so it’s perfect for basements.


this one feels like a day at a spa. It’s a true mix between blue and green but it is perfectly toned and reads as calm and serene rather than being a really lively colour.

The most important thing to remember when you’re painting your basement is the colour will appear darker than you see it in the chip and in the can, particularly in the evening when you’re relying on artificial light sources. Plan carefully and make sure that you’re considering your flooring and your furniture.

If you’re going for a full renovation in the basement, do you know what the costs are? There are so many things to consider in any renovation and the basement is no exception. I’ve created a free Budget Guide to help you understand the costs involved in every single aspect of a renovation.

Need help with paint for your home? Let me help you pick the perfect colours.

Have a favourite paint colour that looks amazing in your basement. Share, share, share! I love to learn about what you’re using and especially when it’s a winner.


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