2023 Design Trends – 10 Paint Colours that You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere


Every decade brings new design developments and we see the trends change everywhere. Depending on where you live it might take a bit longer to reach your town or city but they eventually make their way to every little corner. The biggest change we’re seeing currently is in colour and it’s going to continue into 2023. We’re saying goodbye to gray and replacing it with warmer beige, sand and ivory. This gray trend has been going strong for such a long time and it’s been the go-to neutral. I haven’t ever kept it a secret that I’m not a fan so I for one am super excited to see warmer colours being used as our neutral backdrop.

We’re also seeing a huge resurgence of colour. Bold, deep and saturated are the words to describe the trends. It started in the kitchen where we saw brave souls painting their cabinetry in navy and forest green. That ensured it was going to survive as a trend and now it’s making its way into every room in the home. Here are my predictions of the 10 paint colours to look out for.


10 Paint Colours That You’ll be Seeing in 2023

Warm pinks and brick, blues and greens, coffee colours, warmer neutrals. This is what’s making its way into fashion and now into our homes. 


1/ Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush


SOURCE: Benjamin Moore


This is Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Colour of the Year. It’s a radical departure from the softer and more subdued colours we’ve seen recently. It might feel a bit more bold than you’re willing to entertain but you can start with small doses to ease into it. 


2/ Sherwin Williams Redend Point 

SOURCE: Architectural Digest


I’m not sure how it happens but each year Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams seem to be on track with their predictions for the upcoming year. This one is the 2023 Colour of the Year for Sherwin Williams and while it’s not as saturated it’s within the same colour family as the Benjamin Moore selection. 

Initially, there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty as to how to use this colour but since the announcement there seems to be some growing appreciation for it. Again, I don’t think you have to paint your entire home in this colour but maybe a single wall or a small room. 

The key with this will be in pairing it with a light or dark neutral. Bolder, brighter colours will make this a confusing choice so stick with neutrals like white, cream, navy, gray or black.


3/ HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Darkroom 



This is the HGTV Home Colour of the Year for 2023 and it has taken us in a totally different direction. This one is referred to as black with eggplant undertones but depending on the light in your space you may see more eggplant. Either way, I think this is a more liveable colour that most colour lovers could embrace. Of the 10 paint colours I’m introducing I think this is one that could be easy to live with. Just be sure you have some natural light coming into your space to offset the deep tones and give it some life.


4/ Benjamin Moore Hidden Sapphire

SOURCE: Ave Styles


This colour is the rich, deep blue that everyone craves when they think of adding a deep blue. This is a gorgeous bedroom and the use of colour on just a single wall works here but I could also imagine how great this space would look with every wall painted in this colour.

It’s a colour that is dark but still has a nice brightness to it. It would be perfect for kitchen cabinetry as well or even a powder room. 


5/ Sherwin Williams Peale Green

SOURCE: Jenna Sue Design


I mentioned above that when colour started creeping back into our homes it made its entry into kitchens first. This gorgeous green is just an example of how easy it is to live with a deeply saturated colour. True, there’s no upper cabinets painted this colour but trust me when I say it would be just as beautiful even if there were.

Would I recommend painting an entire room in this colour? I sure would and furthermore, I want to see photos after you’re finished!

6/ Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray

SOURCE: The Home Bunch


I hope you never get tired of me talking about this colour because I’ll never stop. It’s definitely in my top 3 favourite paint colours of all time. I’ve talked about it here, here and here. It’s the perfect navy because it’s dark and moody but it has just enough brightness to it that it doesn’t feel oppressive. If you’ve been working up the courage to introduce navy onto your walls you absolutely, 100% need to test this one.


7/ Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige

SOURCE: Courtney Dickey


We’re waving goodbye to gray but we’re replacing it with earthier neutrals like this one. I don’t know about you but I’m embracing this change wholeheartedly. I’ve never been on board with gray so this feels like a breath of fresh air to me.

This is a colour you could paint your entire home in if you still love your light neutrals. It’s pretty obvious that it pairs really well with a crisp white but I honestly think it’s a great backdrop for just about any colour, light or dark.


8/ Benjamin Moore Soot

SOURCE: Studio McGee


Most of us have plenty of black in our closet but also look aghast at the suggestion of painting any part of our home black. It sounds harsh, depressing, oppressive. I get it but does this photo above sell you? There are so many things to say about this space but depressing is certainly not one of them.

Embracing black is brave but the payout is huge. And while there’s plenty of light materials used here it’s not even a requirement. Black just looks great and soot is the perfect shade. It’s not too deep and in some light will look like a dark charcoal.


9/ Sherwin Williams Foothills 

SOURCE: Sherwin Williams


If black is just too far and beige is not quite enough then say hello to this beautiful chocolate brown. I love how warm this colour looks and yet it feels so cozy at the same time. It’s a perfect choice for a bedroom but I would feel good recommending this colour for any room in a home.


10/ Benjamin Moore North Sea Green


SOURCE: Barrydowne Paint


This is another of Benjamin Moore’s 2023 collection. I love how playful this space is and how they’re really embracing bold colours. It’s always hard to know what to pair with a strong colour but look at how well all these bright, bold colours work together. 

I hope I’ve convinced you to give some colour a try in 2023. I’d love to know of the 10 paint colours I recommended which is your favourite?



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