10 Fabulous Floor Lamps For Your Home


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Floor lamps don’t get nearly enough hype in my opinion. They’re hard working and always shine just enough light when you want to read or do a bit of work after hours. They also look fabulous and add a sculptural element to your home. We tend to immediately think about table lamps when we need to add extra lighting to our space. And while I do love a good table lamp I also think we need to incorporate floor lamps for a perfectly styled space. We don’t talk nearly enough about the importance of task lighting but we are doing just that here today.




1/ They’re Easy to Move Around

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You can change your mind often when you purchase a floor lamp because they’re portable. If you purchase a floor lamp for your living room and decide it’s not right, find a new place for it. There’s always an area of your home that needs some extra illumination. And unlike furniture, when you move you can easily find a new home for your floor lamp because they’re so versatile.


2/ They Add Height to Your Space

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So often we decorate our space with furniture that all sits at approximately the same height. This can leave a void at higher heights. A good floor lamp fills that space and adds architectural interest to unloved spaces. They help to keep your eye moving through the space including upwards. This prevents the eye being just drawn to the sofa and chairs and not noticing anything else in the room. Your floor lamp will help draw your eyes to something at a different height which will keep your eyes moving.


3/ They Fill Empty Corners

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It’s hard to finish decorating and not miss some little corner that ends up feeling neglected. We usually just get stuck and don’t have a clue what to put there. And too often we just give up and become accustomed to the unfinished areas. Tall plants are a great option but if the lighting conditions are not right for a plant or you don’t have a green thumb, use a floor lamp. It’ll add instant interest to the neglected corner. Floor lamps look purposeful and it doesn’t have a big price tag.


4/ They Add a Sculptural Element

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This is my favourite reason of all to incorporate floor lamps into a space, particularly a living room. We have texture from fabrics and area rugs but a lot of the items in our living rooms are soft. What we need to create the juxtaposition with the contrast from a hard, sculptural element. Floor lamps fit the bill. So you don’t have to fork out a ton of money for sculptural artwork when instead a lamp can fill the void.



1/ Industrial Outline Floor Lamp

This stunning lamp would work absolutely anywhere in your home. It has a marble base with a gold metal body and a cotton/linen shade. There are 2 other beautiful options available as well. I love that the base is delicate while the oversized shade acts as a counterpoint and balances it all out.

2/ Wellfleet Dome Floor Lamp

This is an absolute classic that will never be out of style. Although it’s a classic style I like to use this within any design because it works with everything. I love a lamp with an adjustable arm so you always have the light exactly where you need it.

3/ Old Pharmacy Floor Lamp

This is another classic style that a lot of you might associate with Restoration Hardware. Although it’s been around for quite a long time it was RH that popularized it a decade or more ago. This is most often used beside a chair where you want to read because the light is so directed and useful for tasks that need extra lighting.

4/ Bridget Floor Lamp

If your aesthetic is more contemporary, you’ll love this lamp. It has a linen shade on top of the satin brass legs. It also has an added bit of whimsy with wooden sphere details on the top of the base.

5/ Porto Floor Lamp

Remember when I mentioned sculptural floor lamps? This is it! This is made from aluminum but its sleek shape is what makes it a showstopper regardless of where in your home you use it.

6/ Hano Floor Lamp

If you need a lamp that will light up more than one dull space in your room, give the Porto a try. It’s perfect for darker rooms where you need a floor lamp to fill in multiple dark spots. It’s sleek base is a nice counterpoint and lets the 2 lamps be the star.

7/ Promenade Floor Lamp 

This lamp makes me think of beachy, coastal homes but it’s not just for that design aesthetic. It works in every style of home because of its simplicity. The glass base gives it substance without being overpowering. You feel its presence in the room but it’ll let the other pieces shine. 

8/ Polar Gray Cement Floor Lamp

It’s not often that we see a monochromatic lamp but sometimes that’s exactly what is needed. I love that the shade is tapered and complements the chunky size of the base. They work so harmoniously together and will make a subtle statement in any space.

9/ Dawson Metal Floor Lamp

This style can sometimes be a bit blah but I love how this version has sat the shade down the base to draw attention to the change. This one leans more towards contemporary style but I honestly would use this in any space regardless of the design style.

10/ Pavo Black Marble Double Floor Lamp

If you really want your floor lamp to make a statement this is the one. It also does double duty by having one lamp facing upwards and the other facing to the side. You’re getting maximum lighting coverage with this lamp. And the fact that it’s stunning to look at is jus the icing on the cake. 


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