10 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Master Bedroom Over the Weekend


upgrade your master bedroom


Not all the changes we make in our home require a designer and a team of trades. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking around and evaluating what’s working and what needs a tweak. I love to change things up in my home (my family of boys will never understand this!) and often the smallest change brings the most satisfaction. I have lots of ideas for how you can do this to your master bedroom in just a single weekend. And in some cases, probably just a single day.




1/ Change the Artwork


upgrade your master bedroom


Last week I was in HomeSense and I was amazed at how many super affordable pieces of art they have. And in every style and size. The first step before you buy anything is to decide what you’re trying to achieve in your room. Want a more peaceful space? Or maybe you’re ready to modernize. Here are some quick art tips:

  • Want a modern space? Go for just one abstract, oversized piece.
  • Want a more traditional space? Use symmetry and add 2 similar pieces, one over each night stand. Use images from nature like florals, birds or butterflies.
  •  Love coastal style? Go for something light with a lot of white space. This could be one or more framed agate slices.
  • If modern farmhouse is your passion then black and white photography looks great.


Once you know what your goals are, measure up the wall space. You want a nice balance between the artwork and the wall space so plot it out on paper to make sure you buy the right size. If you need some tips on hanging artwork, learn more here



2/ Add New Bedding

SOURCE: Studio McGee

It seems too simple to make a difference but your bedding plays a significant role in the overall look of your room. Adding a new colour or pattern into your room and it will instantly change the way it feels. 

If you really want to create a cozy space add lots of texture to your bedding. You can keep it traditional with velvet or go more modern with chunky wool blankets. I like to do this when the weather starts to change. Yes I’m one of those people who has winter bedding.

Add bold colours or strong patterns to make a noticeable change to the space. If everything else in your master bedroom is neutral you can make a big change by bringing in deep blue or green bedding.


3/ Add an Area Rug

SOURCE: Dear Lillie Studio

This will add texture and colour to the room and give it more warmth. Even if you have broadloom you can layer a thin area rug and it will put extra emphasis on the bed. And if you don’t have broadloom you absolutely need an area rug. Not only does it add a dimension and texture to your space but it keeps the room feeling warm and cozy.

Adding an area rug is a great trick for oversized bedrooms where the bed can look lost in the space. Larger bedrooms need zones just like in an open concept main floor.



4/ Upgrade Your Lighting

SOURCE: Kellynan

If you like to read in bed you probably already have good lighting at the side of your bed but don’t ignore the rest of the room. By removing dated or insufficient lighting in your overhead fixtures you’ll give your space a fresh look. 

If you have a sitting area in your bedroom add a floor lamp. It’s useful for when you’re sitting there but it can also add a ton of ambient light to the room. And nothing sets a romantic scene in a space quite like good lighting.



5/ Paint

SOURCE: Glass of Bovino

This is the biggest and often most cost effective way to transform a room. Usually we think of projects like this when the fall and winter roll around but I recommend doing it when the weather is nice. I’d much rather paint with all the windows open to get the air circulating throughout the room.

You can finish an entire room from start to finish in one weekend and have a new space by Sunday night in time for the new week.


6/ Switch Up the Furniture Layout

upgrade your master bedroom

SOURCE: Jenna Sue Design

Bedroom furniture is big and heavy so it’s clear why you wouldn’t want to move it around. At the same time, it’s probably our movers or the furniture delivery crew who brought the furniture in and set it up. If you weren’t available there’s a chance it’s not even arranged in the ideal layout.

If you can look at the room and try to imagine it without furniture you’ll be able to imagine other possibilities. Is the bed in the best possible place? 

If not, you could spend an afternoon with a couple of strong friends and give the room a brand new look by evening.


7/ Add New Window Coverings

upgrade your master bedroom

This is another easy way to add colour, texture and pattern and create a new look. If you have just a blind on your window you’ll be amazed at the power of a panel or curtain to add life to the bedroom.

Unless you can sew you aren’t going to get custom window coverings in a weekend but there are some nice off-the-shelf options available that you can definitely install in a day.

Some of my favourite resources are Ikea, Pottery Barn and West Elm. They all offer various lengths so make sure you measure before you shop.

PRO TIP – if you’re wondering how high to hang a curtain here’s your answer. Measure from the top of the window frame to the ceiling. Divide that in half and that’s where your curtain rod should be hung. 



8/ Create an Accent Wall

upgrade your master bedroom


That space behind the bed might be screaming out for some attention. This is particularly true when the wall is long because we can only hang art in so many places. Often we’re left with a whole lot of empty wall space. 

Try creating a focal point in the bedroom with wallpaper, millwork or a different paint colour. This can liven up the entire room with not a lot of effort.


9/ Change the Hardware on Your Nightstands

upgrade your master bedroom

SOURCE: Tuft & Trim

If your nightstands and dressers are still in great condition, look for small ways to update them. Is the hardware something you selected or did it come standard with the furniture? Either way, you can add a little sparkle or texture to your furniture with this super simple change.


10/ Clear Out the Clutter


upgrade your bedroom

It’s possible that you’re not loving your master bedroom because it’s not living its best life at the moment. If this room has been acting as your storage facility, spend a weekend sorting through what’s there. You can clean it up and donate or trash unwanted items and it’ll give your bedroom the breathing space it needs.


Do you have any tips you used for switching up your own master bedroom? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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